Have Yourself a Green Little Christmas… A gift guide for earth friends

I’m not going to lie, It’s not my favorite time of year. But before getting all bah humbug, I have to admit, I am excited to see more ‘green’ gift ideas surfacing amidst an overpowering market full of environmentally unsound products. I am ecstatic to see that green labor, recycled materials and earthy friendly presents are becoming a popular trend this season. I have gathered a few of my favorite green gifts from all over the country that I think meet or exceed the green-gold standard. Let me enlighten you with some evergreen gift-giving cheer.

I saw this great recycling toy truck while working in a artisan craft store last year during the holidays. The design is genius, and the company, ‘Grass Roots’ is reputable for making products with a minimal footprint on the environment. This tiny but mighty truck is made from all non-toxic and recycled materials(Canadian Pine!) and teaches your little one, at a young age, the importance of recycling! Buy it here at Grass Roots Recycle Truck

If you’re anything like me, your pets are your children so you want to spoil them just as silly. I stumbled upon these funky little recycled cat toys in an issue of Green Living magazine. They are reused wine corks thoughtfully wrapped in cotton twine and stuffed with organic cat nip! Gerda Lobo, a guest designer for Modern Cat makes all of the products by hand. You can be purchase these nifty little toys Modern Cat

Whimsically named ‘We are Creatures’, showcases earrings, necklaces and other items blending together original art, natural earth elements and vintage artifacts to create an awe-inspiring line of jewelry. The creators, Emily Anne Hall and Evan Hoffman, show remarkable talent by stringing together natural objects, vintage treasures and funky artwork to design a delightfully curious collection. See all pieces at ‘We are Creatures’

Stay warm this winter and check out our very own GGO Eco-Thermal. Made from 95% Bamboo, this super cozy thermal will ward off the winter chill. Thermal regulating, bamboo is a great organic fiber to confide and stay warm in through the season! Wear all of the time- with everything! Find it here Eco-Thermal

May this guide you to a greener and merrier little Christmas

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