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House of Tenebris

About House of Tenebris: Located in Salt Lake City, House of Tenebris, was started by a husband and a wife. Rachel Prazen designs the jewelry and husband Adrian Prazen makes each piece. Their love of mystery and and the metaphysical is woven into their jewelry line.


About the Line: Old Egyptian and ancient Hindu symbols take the center stage on these un-compromising pieces. With intricate etching on brass and copper metals House of Tenerbris brings ancient artistry out of the shadows and into the modern jewelry world. Their pieces are big and bold, and perfect for the bad-ass spiritual warrior that desires her jewelry to represent her place in the universe. A constant stream of thought and care goes into each piece that hold sacred divinity so near and dear. 


Styles to Look Out For: House of Tenebris cuff bracelets and rings feature ancient symbols that transcend time. The moon phase bracelet symbolizes the feminine waxing and waning of the closets celestial body. The Flower of Life is an ancient symbol that represents the connectedness and sacred geometry that surrounds us. Mandalas have been used for centuries as mediative focal points and the Mandala cuff bracelet can be used in much of the same way. 

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