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Serefina Jewelry

About Serafina Jewelry: Serafina Jewelry is jewelry line based out of San Fransico, Ca. Founded in 2010, Seraphina draws their inspiration for their collection from the bright and bold color palette of Southeast Asia's arts and textures. They are committed to sustainable production and the use of reclaimed materials for their pieces.

About the Line: Vintage charm meets modern appeal with this line of "urban vintage" jewelry. Serafina seeks out unique pieces of jewelry that hail from the 1960's and 1970's, where they salvage the chains and materials to create these retro inspired works of wearable art. The chains used on each of their pieces are often products of this process, and the end result is a beautiful and original piece of modern jewelry with eclectic allure.

Styles to Look Out For: This line has something for everyone, no matter if you're a boho-babe or a jet-setter looking for a piece of culturally inspired jewelry. We love the usage of tassels in the Southeast Asia inspired tassel necklaces. Bright and vivid colors adorn this adorable necklace that will catch everyone's eyes. Mixed metal media chains adorn other parts of this line making beautiful statement pieces to take you out on the town. Simply minimalist arrowhead necklaces and beaded wraps are round out the collection with clean and beautiful designs. 

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