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White Shell Truth & Purity Mala

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Soothe your soul with the White Shell Truth & Purity Mala from Open Heart Warrior Jewelry. Made of round white shell beads with a silk tassel suspended from a sterling silver bow and arrow pendant, this mala lends serene style to any jewelry collection.This mala necklace is hand made in Los Angeles with great attention to detail. Every Mala is cleansed with a selenite wand and infused with positive affirmations, love, and good vibes before it is sent to you.

Get the Deets:

  • 109, 8mm round (108 plus 1 guru bead) black onyx beads.
  • Hand knotted.
  • Measures 40" long, comfortably wraps 5x around the average wrist.
  • Handmade silk tassel, approx. 2" long.
  • Bow and arrow pendant, original design made from recycled sterling silver.
  • "Open Heart Warrior" engraved on one side of the pendant.
  • Made in the USA.

More Details from Open Heart Warrior Jewelry:

The sound of the ocean soothes most people. Actually any movement of water seems to be a natural neutralizer of all stress and chaos within. People have had a love affair with water since life began. Why? We are basically made up of mostly water and we spend our beginnings in the womb emerged within a water of sorts. Although we don’t all feel safe in water, most of us feel a sense of well-being to be near it. And the waters of the world hold many treasures that we have only begun to discover. When we hold something or wear something that was born of water we naturally feel a wholeness or connection with it. This is one of the many reasons that Pearls, Abalone, White Shell, Wampum, and much more have been highly thought of and cherished for thousands of years in many different cultures.

White shell was worn by many Native American peoples to honor and remember White Shell Woman who is important to the creation story and was the wife of water. Aboriginal tribes believed, and some still do, that spiritual power can be gained by carrying certain shells. Also the people of Hawaii believe that Mana, or a person’s soul is deep within a person’s bones. Since shells, as bones, protect the Mana of the creatures of the deep, this community purports that shells represent protection for the soul. Wampum, a type of shell, was used as a form of money by Native tribes as it was a symbol of richness and honor. The longer a strand of Wampum, the more it was worth. Many times Wampum was beaded together with white shell beads made from Whelk shell. White shell had a spiritual meaning and was a symbol of truth and purity. Many tribes didn’t even have a word that meant lie until they learned what a lie was from the white man. More Wampum meant more stature and higher stature meant more wealth and higher wisdom. 

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Open Heart Warrior Jewelry White Shell Truth & Purity Mala.

One size.


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