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    • Made in the USA: Our USA Buyer's Guide!

      Evolve Guide
      Jun 26
      Posted By Laura Helms
      It’s that time of year again! As a small independant company ran by strong amazing women who pride themselves on supporting each other and their community of amazing customers, we can’t help but well up with pride for the fact that all of this is made possible because we live in a pretty rad country! So, next weekend as we celebrate the birthday of our beloved country we wanted to bring to you a made in the USA guide! We love American made products and carrying a huge selection of these companies is a big deal for us!   Teeki: Why we love them: This Los Angeles based brand is made from recycled water bottles, quick dries making it perfect for hot yoga and SUP yoga. We love their awesome collection of unique designs!   Onz... Read More
    • Yoga Clothes for Every Body

      Evolve Guide
      Jun 24
      Posted By Laura Helms
      Having managed customer support at Evolve for almost two years now, I’ve had the joy and entertainment of chatting with some amazing people from all across this globe. We strive to have an awesome, high quality, curated selection of activewear to fit all styles, ages, and body types. However, there is nothing that makes me feel quite so helpless with my customers than the lack of size inclusion in the yoga clothing business. We do our best, but if you are not a size 10 or smaller you might know about the struggle to find decent quality workout gear that will allow you to look and feel good. Even as I’m writing this I struggle to find images to fit this blog mostly because they are really hard to find, and partially because I don’t want to offend anyone by pulling images that are directed at calling someone out for their body size. If you have any suggestions for going about this, I’m totally open to start that dialog. I did, however, want to take this spac... Read More
    • Staff Pick Saturday: Evolve Girl Gloria's Top Picks

      Evolve Fun
      Jun 19
      Posted By Laura Helms
      Tell us about yourself and your style: I started out as an intern here at Evolve, and I mainly work on running our social media accounts. I’m a full-time student at University of Portland, starting my senior year in the fall. I dabble in photography, fashion, and blogging. It’s at an amateur level, but I enjoy it. My biggest passion is traveling. I’ve been lucky enough to explore a bit here and there with friends & family. I’m always up for any traveling opportunity, and dream of seeing it all. My personal style is indecisive, if that makes any sense. It’s a big old mix of girly, edgy, comfortable, hipster, boho, and urban. My favorite stores are Urban Outfitters, Free People, & Nordstrom.     Read More
    • Staff Picks Saturday: Evolve Gal Laura

      Favorite Yogis
      Jun 09
      Posted By Kristina
      One of the best things about working at Evolve is how different each one of us is here. We all have different body-types, different styles, different tastes, and this is one of the ways that we brings you one of the most diverse collections of Yoga and Activewear brands in all the interwebs. We wanted to let you in on the fun here, so each Saturday one of us will be featured in a blog post that will now be known as, Staff Pick Saturday! You can follow this feature on Instagram, Facebook, or our blog! We hope you enjoy getting to know us, and getting to know how we all work together to ensure you are super happy with your clothes! This week’s Staff pick Saturday our resident Blogger and Content Manager, Laura! Tell us about yourself and your style: laura- Read More
    • IOTW: Vintage Kantha Throw from California Quilt Co.

      Evolve Fun
      Jun 02
      Posted By Laura Helms
      Our item of the week comes from one of our newest brands to Evolve, California Quilt Co. This Vintage Kantha Throw is as unique as the company itself. All their beautiful throw blankets are made from vintage hand-crafted one of a kind saris. Each sari is hand printed and hand sewn resulting in a beautiful throw that can be used for everything from a gorgeous bedding accent to an enviable picnic blanket.   California Quilt Co. was created by Guru Thapar, who was born in India and currently resides in LA. On a trip back to India as an adult he was overcome by the sight, smell, and color of memories from his childhood. Guru, inspired by the vibrancy around him, decided to bring back a ... Read More
    • Onzie: Summer 2015 Collection!

      May 29
      Posted By Laura Helms
      Every year at Evolve we wait on abaded breath for the drop of the new Onzie summer collection! We can always be sure that each new collection will feature amazingly unique new printed leggings and tops with total wow-appeal, and an amazing attention to detail! This summer we are not disappointed. Onzie has done it again, and this might just be our favorite collection yet!  We wanted to break down some of our new summer favorites for you! But be warned, this stuff goes fast, so snag it while you can! SPORTS BRAS: Lets talk details // (Left to Right) Caged Bra: This edgy but sexy caged bra is the perfect way to spice up your wardrobe with awesome front cage detail and cool colors and patterns for every girl!  Circle Bra: This cool new take on the Criss Cross Bra is available in striking color blocked prints and gorgeous solids. Sweetheart Bra... Read More
    • #EVOLVEIOTW: Kat Schamen Fuchsia Sparkle Leggings

      Evolve Fun
      May 27
      Posted By Laura Helms
      Did you know that each week we work with our awesome activewear brands to bring you the “Item of the Week”? Did you know that we post this item on Instagram with different outfit ideas and pics from our fav yogis rocking said item on IG? Did you know that you, yes YOU, could win the item of the week? Now how stoked are you that you saw this post?! MmmHm! For the Item of the Week this week we are bringing you the Kat Schamen’s Fuchsia sparkle legging. Don’t worry about these not holding up for your practice because Kat Schamens knows yoga! She is a 500hr Certified teacher living right in the heart of New York! See, told you all New Yorkers don’t only wear black..! Read More
    • Why Yoga Men Make Better Lovers

      Favorite Yogis
      Apr 29
      Posted By Jenna Hall
      Three Reasons WHY Yoga Dudes make Better Lovers I think we can all finally come to the agreement that yoga is not just for girls. Yes, as an overall  generalization a woman is thought to be more agile, flexible and sensitive; this in theory may help the transition into a devout yoga practice easier. In recent years however, there has been an explosion of men busting through the doors of yoga studios around the world. Now we see students and yoga tea chers who are men bending the gender roles and showing us that a sensitive and supple yogi man is someone to aspire and respect. In terms of love, we like yoga guys because *cough* what´s sexier than a man who can bend his body, express his mind and is interested in exploring the same type of esoteric philosophy we are currently indulging? Below are three more reasons why yoga dudes make for better lovers. Read More
    • Tadasana for Springtime

      Evolve Guide
      Apr 26
      Posted By Jenna Hall
      Gearing up for springtime: A yoga sequence to help you flow into spring As the clouds clear and the season moves into springtime, we can finally rejoice and be present in a salutation to the sun gods in our yoga practice. That means storing away some of your heavier yoga pants and opting for some easy and breezy spring time yoga shorts for lighter and warmer practice. Sometimes, it’s not possible to get to a studio every day of the week. Our lives are busier than ever but our bodies need a daily flow to keep us going. If you find yourself without enough time to get to the studio but need a quick-lift-me-up-flow to glide graciously into the new season, follow the springtime sequence below that will help guide your practice anywhere at any time. Modified Sun Salutation A Tadasana 1.  &... Read More
    • How to Date a Yoga Girl

      Favorite Yogis
      Mar 20
      Posted By Kyla Smith
      Three Ways to Win over her Heart Chakra If you have found yourself head over heels (quite literally) in downward facing dog or some intricate yoga posture trying to impress that bendy yoga girl in her bootylicious teeki hot pants, you may be doing it wrong, or simply trying too hard. Contrary to popular belief you don’t have to be a yogi in order to date a yoga girl, you just have to remain open and receptive to all the quirks, perks, and eccentricities of her dynamic personality. That means when we talk about the stars (like the zodiac) don’t tell us to take our heads out of the clouds and when we talk about sex in a tantric way, don’t blush or become intimidated. Stay open, and we will too. A yoga girl will most likely throw your heart into a whirlwind of kaleidoscopic emotions. If you think you are ready to keep up with her emotionally and physically, you are on your way to one of the most passionate, spiritual and chakra-shaking love-affairs you wi... Read More

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