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    • Goldsheep Clothing: Printed Leggings to Set You Apart From the Flock

      Yoga Clothing Brands
      Aug 19
      Posted By Laura Helms

      We stay on gaurd for unique new brands that catch our eye, so that we can do the leg work of finding and bringing all those yoga brands to you in one place! So, when Goldsheep Clothing started blowing up our Instagram feed with their super rad unique printed leggings, we knew we had to bring them to you! 

      These patterned leggings aren't for the faint of heart, and honor your inner gold sheep's need to stand out from the flock. We adore the funky yet totally tasteful love of play and humor that Goldsheep has brought to the activewear game! 

      Made in Los Angeles, Goldsheep leggings are perfect for hot yoga, SUP yoga, spin class, or even just to rock off the mat and around the town! We wanted to show these leggings standing out in the world, so we put together a instagram lookbook some of our favorite prints and pics of some amazing people rocking their Goldsheep! 

      Pineapple Party:

      Seen on the likes of Behati Prinsloo the Pineapple Party legging is one legging we can't get enough of for this summer! The adorable realistic pineapple print sits chicly atop a solid black background allowing it to pop! 

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    • Organic Yoga Clothes: Brands to Love

      Yoga Clothing Brands
      Aug 14
      Posted By Laura Helms

      We know you love your yoga clothes. We also know (because you’re awesome) that you also love to care for the environment. I mean, no one has ever said, “there should be more chemicals in the ground”, or “Dang, I wish my water tasted more like pesticides”. We think that the link between ahimsa or non-violence in yoga should transcend off the mat and into the world. This is why it is super important to us that we offer a selection of certified organic cotton clothing. Stellar brands like, LVR Fashion, Satva Living, Omgirl, and Purusha People are rocking the organic yoga clothes front.

      Why Organic?

      Truth be told, cotton is probably one of the dirtiest crops to produce because of the large amount of pesticides and insecticides required. These chemicals find their way into the water table, and cause harmful effects on the environment, wildlife, and our drinking water. There are also major advantages to organic cotton, it is hypoallergenic, washes beautifully, and even smells better longer! Some of our lines are even GOTS certified, which is an even higher level of certification that is under stronger regulations and environmental impact practices.


      LVR Fashion:

      Designed and made in the USA, LVR Fashion’s GOTS organic cotton and bamboo clothing are the softest, yummiest, yoga pants, leggings, capris, and shorts you will ever own! We love their natural dye washes, tie-dyes, and solids. Their beautiful earth and jewel tones will set your wardrobe apart. Here are just a few of our favorites to give you a taste of LVR fashion’s organic cotton and organic bamboo clothing.

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    • Zobha Activewear: Fashion meets Function with Designer Activewear

      Yoga Clothing Brands
      Aug 11
      Posted By Laura Helms

      Zobha Activewear is one of our newest brands to Evolve. Inspired from high fashion runways this line of designer activewear has combined fashion and function into one gorgeous line of fitness apparel. Zobha Activewear uses state of the shape optimizing technology to ensure that your yoga leggings and workout tops fit, flatter, and move with you. Their edgy couture inspired look is perfect for any girl who is looking to step up her workout clothes game! 

      Tanks & Tees:

       We love the attention to detail with unique mesh and ribbed paneling, soft fabrics, and one of a kind prints and patterns. 

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    • Yogi Spotlight: Kyra Anastasia

      Favorite Yogis
      Aug 05
      Posted By Laura Helms

      I had the opportunity to sit down with Kyra Anastasia, a long time yoga teacher and ayurvedic health coach. It was so inspiring to hear about this beautiful yogini's life and passions. I hope that you enjoy reading about Kyra as much as I enjoyed getting to know her! 

      Tell me about yourself:

      I was born in Pennsylvania outside of Philly, and grew up in the countryside on a farm. I also spent some time in Washington DC. Most recently, I moved to LA for 5 years while teaching at Exhale, and one month ago I moved to Portland for the trees and healthier lifestyle. I fell in love with Portland after spending a summer here between college and grad school so I wanted to come back.

      Tell me your yoga love story, how did you come to the practice?

      Over two decades ago, I was in highschool and skiing in the Poconos. I ended up skiing off a cliff and landed on my back. I didn’t break anything, but I had a lot of internal bruising and was in a lot of pain. I started going to physical therapy, and it was beneficial, but my recovery wasn’t as fast as I wanted. It was then that I started taking yoga classes, and yoga saved my life. It put me on this path that I’ve been on for 22 years.  It absolutely is a love affair because I really am in love with it, and I know that this is something I’ll do for the rest of my life.


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    • Graphic Tees: Talk Less & Say More

      Yoga Trends
      Jul 31
      Posted By Laura Helms

      Sometimes the best way to say something is to let your shirt speak for you. Whether that message is inspirational, silly, or just speaks to your boho chic self, we are totally on board! We put together some of the best brands who want to do the talking for you!


      Be Love Apparel:

      Be Love is one brand that has been at Evolve for a long time. We love the inspiration in their new collection of graphic tanks and tees. These tops are super soft, and we love the beautiful fonts and messages!

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    • Emily Hsu Designs: New to Evolve

      Yoga Clothing Brands
      Jul 28
      Posted By Laura Helms

      We at Evolve love to support awesome new emerging designers. Especially when those designers make their products in the USA, and bring us fun versatile printed leggings, super sexy reptile prints, and sparkly leggings! .. Yeah.. we kind of have a thing with sparkly leggings. This is why we are super excited to introduce Emily Hsu Designs!

      Emily Hsu’s history is in professional dance, singing, and acting. Having acted in dozens of Broadway musicals and appearing in television and film, we can see where the inspiration for her gorgeous collection of beautifully eclectic leggings came from.

      Her leggings are designed to be ultra functional, but remain totally stunning and stylish. The 4 way stretch will ensure that these yoga leggings will move with you during your practice. One of our favorite features (aside from sparkles! ….SPARKLES!) is the highwaisted adjustable waistband. You can wear the waistband high for extra coverage, (especially when paired with an adorable Spiritual Gangster or Joah Brown crop top) or you can fold the waistband over for more of a low rider look! 

      Sparkle and Shine!! 

      We love the new take on these awesome mermaid scale and reptile print leggings! Beautiful and high quality, we couldn't be more smitten! 

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    • The Mesh Trend: Sheer Madness

      Yoga Trends
      Jul 21
      Posted By Laura Helms

      We are kind of going crazy for hottest trend of the season, and we’re not meshing around!

      It seemed like everyone jumped onto this trend, and it’s been nothing but sheer madness since!

      At Evolve we work really hard to bring you the coolest most original sexy yoga pants from this trend. We make sure that the mesh is durable, the leggings are flattering, and most of all look cool as can be! We wanted to run you through some of our favorites in this trend!

      Anything but Basic Black!

      The coolest part of this trend is that it allowed for us to go back to our black leggings, but leave behind the basic black staple yoga leggings of the past (J/K we still can’t live without our basic black leggings, but you get the point). We love each brand’s cool unique take on the black legging.

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    • Yogi Spotlight: Chelsii C

      Favorite Yogis
      Jul 20
      Posted By Laura Helms

      One of the coolest things about being involved in the yoga community is getting to meet awesome inspiring yogis! We're bringing back our weekly Yogi Spotlight, which highlights some of these amazing men and women! This week I had the chance to sit down with local yogi, Chelsii C, to talk about all things yoga, bacon, and portland! 

      Tell me about yourself:

      I‘ve lived in oregon since I was 8. I’ve been teaching yoga for 3 years and working at Core Power managing retail. It’s really a good mix of yoga and retail combined. In my spare time I like to go running, kayaking, hiking, and I’m also a president of a charcuterie club. Right now, my husband and I live in a floating home on the Columbia river, so I spend a lot of time around the water. I also really love wine, bacon, and rap music.


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    • Spiritual Gangster: Summer Lovin' in New Tanks and Tees

      Spiritual Gangster
      Jul 17
      Posted By Laura Helms

      The new summer collection from Spiritual Gangster is chock full of inspired t-shits and tanks. We love their inspirational saying and mantras that keep us thinking positive and dreaming big! From sayings like, “Ignite Your Spirit”, “Love is the Answer”, and, “Free Spirit” to sanskrit mantras like, “Om Namaha Shivaya”, “Om Shanti Shanti Om”, we can’t get enough of these cool graphic tanks and tees!

      We are really digging on these loose fitting crops! Can't dare to bear? wear them with your highwaisted yoga pants or over a cami for the perfect summer look! 

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    • Teeki: New Heart Strings Summer Collection

      Jul 11
      Posted By Laura Helms

      We can never get enough of awesome Teeki hot pants, bell bottoms, shorts, and now adorable tank tops! It's so much fun when the new collections launch each season. This summer Teeki released their new Heart Strings collection, an awesome mix of mermaids, feathers, and ethereal prints that make our heart strings sing! 

      We wanted to bring you a 360 view of each of the new items! Also, have you noticed something extra super cool on the site? We now have product videos! You can see how each product moves and fits on our Evolve girls. So, if these photos just aren't doing it for you, check out the video on each product! 

      Green Eagle Feather Hot Pant:

      This awesome tie dye legging is for all our far out psychedelic babes. We are totally digging the mini-dream catcher and eagle feather design up the back sides of the leg! This hot pant also comes in the lighter pink verson! 

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