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    • Staff Pick Saturday: Sara

      Evolve Fun
      Feb 05
      Posted By Laura Helms

      This week for Staff Picks Saturday we chat it up with Sara Rosario, our awesome Product Uploading Assistant. Sara is a great addition to our team! She works hard to upload awesome new gear, so that you can grab it up like gluten-free vegan hot-cakes! Sara is always kind and sweet with her aloha vibes that make working with her an absolute pleasure.

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    • Swoon-worthy Jewelry: Meet Our Makers

      Yoga Jewelry
      Feb 04
      Posted By Laura Helms

      Recently we've added a huge selection of amazing brands of jewelry to our site. If you haven't checked out our amazingly beautiful collections of jewelry, then you simply must!

      But first... Let's get to know some of these amazing jewelry line's artist and makers who keep our

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    • Trend Spotting: That New New Blue

      Yoga Trends
      Feb 02
      Posted By Laura Helms

      This week on Trend Spotting we are loving this electric blue trend that have swept the Spring Collections for Onzie, Alo Yoga, and Vipe. Electric blue is one of those colors that capture the eye and look great on every skin tone. We put together some of our favorite pieces of electric blue from our website, and now you can shop this trend on our Read More

    • Staff Pick Saturday: Hannah

      Evolve Fun
      Jan 29
      Posted By Laura Helms

      This week for our Staff Pick Saturday we sat down with Hannah Weirson our Product Manager. Hannah works hard to get all the products on the site uploaded so that you can snag them before anyone else does! She also is the longest running member of the Evolve Team having been here since it was just the owner Kyla and her in a small office. Hannah has proven herself to be an absolutely integral part of our team. We're

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    • Be My Valentine

      Evolve Fun
      Jan 28
      Posted By Laura Helms

      Valentines day is right around the corner, and whether you're single, taken, or it's complicated you can still look and feel great by spicing up Valentines Day Outfit with pieces of activewear.

      We've pulled from the cutest and flirtiest styles in our collection which you can shop through now in our Be My

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    • Staff Picks Saturday: Chelsii

      Evolve Fun
      Jan 23
      Posted By Laura Helms
      This week we had a chance to sit down with Evolve's Buyer & Manager Chelsii Gregory. Chelsii's consistantly positive attitude keeps our office a harmonious and awesome place to work. Chelsii works super hard to hunt down the hottest of the hot in activewear, so that you can grab that up like gangbusters! This Evolve babe is also the brainchild of theRead More

      Tell us about yourself and your style:

      I’ve lived in Oregon since I was 8 and love the PNW.  I love clothing that is versatile and can take me to any activity I desire in the moment; whether that be a rainy hike, sweaty yoga sculpt class, dinner with friends, restorative yoga class, or super intense spin class.  I love fun, interesting, and bright clothes, and am rarely wearing black. If I do wear black, it’s because my outfit couldn’t handle another pattern ;)
      Tell us about your body type:

      I’ve always had a small stature. I have a small waist, larger butt, and short  legs. I wear fitted leggings that elongate my legs (never capris!) and love a good sports bra (when working out) with a  crop top or loose (but flattering) tee on top when I leave the studio. 

      Explain why you chose these items:

      PUPPIES & YOGA TEE: Puppies are my favorite. Yoga is my favorite.  When I saw this shirt I knew that I needed it, and I needed a LOT of it. 


      TRACK LEGGINGS: I love these leggings, the mesh is so breathable, the leggings dry super fast and they don’t slide down when I’m in down dog, doing burpees, or during squats. 


      PALTROW BRA: This bra is so comfortable. I love that is says “HUSTLE” and I love that it shows more of the shoulders and is super flattering there.  

      YOGI WHEEL: The yogi wheel is my saving grace! I lay on it every night and open my heart before bed. I love the space and length I get in my spine because of it! It’s also a great prop during yoga and helps deepen my practice in ways I couldn’t imagine before!

      WEIGHTS: I  teach yoga sculpt classes a couple times a week, before or after spending my day @Evolvefitwear and it is such a fun part of my day! I love the sweat, hardwork and loud music. The people I get to teach are so much fun, and they inspire me daily. When I’m super lucky, the other girls @Evolvefitwear join me in my class, and that is just too much fun!

      If you want to shop more of Chelsii's favs, CLICK HERE, to see more of her picks!

      Thank you so much to Chelsii for taking time to sit down and chat with us!


      Laura C. Helms

    • Flexi Lexi: Dance on Your Mat in Ballet Inspired Leggings

      Yoga Leggings
      Jan 19
      Posted By Laura Helms

      Nestled in the bustling city of Bangkok, Thailand stirs a new wave of ballet inspired yoga gear. We knew this was going to be something big, and had to get our activewear loving hands on these mesh, wrap, and ombre leggings and cute bralettes. Even cooler is the fact that we've snagged an exclusive online retail deal and are

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    • Staff Pick Saturday: Celia

      Evolve Fun
      Jan 16
      Posted By Laura Helms

      (Celia is wearing the Alo Yoga Moto Pants in black, the Joah Brown After Party Tee, and a Read More

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