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  • Teeki: New Heart Strings Summer Collection

    Jul 11
    Posted By Laura Helms

    We can never get enough of awesome Teeki hot pants, bell bottoms, shorts, and now adorable tank tops! It's so much fun when the new collections launch each season. This summer Teeki released their new Heart Strings collection, an awesome mix of mermaids, feathers, and ethereal prints that make our heart strings sing! 

    We wanted to bring you a 360 view of each of the new items! Also, have you noticed something extra super cool on the site? We now have product videos! You can see how each product moves and fits on our Evolve girls. So, if these photos just aren't doing it for you, check out the video on each product! 

    Green Eagle Feather Hot Pant:

    This awesome tie dye legging is for all our far out psychedelic babes. We are totally digging the mini-dream catcher and eagle feather design up the back sides of the leg! This hot pant also comes in the lighter pink verson! 

  • Teeki Hot Pants: An Insider's Sizing Guide

    Sep 25
    Posted By Laura Helms

    Allow myself to introduce myself! My name is Laura and if you've ever called or emailed Evolve Customer Support you most likely have spoken with me. I've answered your questions from, "will this show my underwear?" to "what do you recommend for yoga leggings for men?" One might say, I'm a seasoned pro in helping all of our amazing customers find exactly what they are looking for in yoga gear and active wear.

    One of the questions I get most frequently is regarding one of our most popular brands Teeki. Teeki, as you probably already know, makes amazing hot pants, capris, shorts, and bell bottoms out of cool prints made in the USA from recycled water bottles. However, it can often be a tricky thing to find your size sight unseen.

    I thought I'd help you by putting together this guide based on feedback from customers and personal use (I own probably 7 pairs of these amazing yoga leggings).

    Oh the Stretchy Possibilites:

    Although Teeki has 4 different sizes, I'd say that the leeway between sizes is one of the coolest things about Teeki Hot Pants. This summer I was hanging with my sister on the river. I usually buy Teeki pants in an extra small or small, but my sister who is quite taller than me usually would wear a size Medium. She wanted to borrow some of my Teeki pants to go Stand Up Paddle Boarding. Feeling a bit apprehensive and over protective of my precious Teeki hot pants, I reluctantly handed over my extra small teeki pants. I was pretty amazed when she put them on with no trouble, and even more amazed when she handed them back at the end of the day and they had snapped right back to an extra small. Behold the Teeki magic! I would not have suggested she purchase an extra small, but the quality and stretch of this super cool fabric blew my mind.

    The Teeki Sheer Maddness Sheerness Test:

  • Teeki Hot Yoga Pants: New Prints In!

    Aug 21
    Posted By Hannah Hess

    Hey Teeki lovers!

    Evolve just added to the new Teeki hot pant collection and we have to say, these outdoor inspired prints are motivating us to take advantage of the last camping days and warm summer nights. If you would like the insight of someone who's seen these prints firsthand, search no further! Our team at Evolve HQ has scrutinized these new prints (while wearing them) and can anticipate your every question.

  • Teeki Hot Pants: How To Wear

    Jul 28
    Posted By Laura Helms

    It’s no secret, Teeki Hot Pants are everywhere! We can hardly keep these amazing leggings on our shelves! Everyone has their own reason for loving this eco-friendly, made in the USA brand, but we thought we’d share how we are rocking our Teeki leggings this summer!


    Yoga is the practice that keeps on giving! We love it, you probably love it (that’s why you’re here right?), but practicing in Teeki yoga pants is a world unto its own! Not only are the eye catching prints totally drool-worthy, but you can’t go wrong with a fabric that is so magical it feels like a second skin. Each hot pant’s silky smooth fabric is made from 25 recycled water bottles! Take that Global Warming! We also love that no matter how sweaty we get in practice the quick dry fabric can handle it!

  • Teeki Hot Pants Can Help You Keep the Holiday Weight Off

    Dec 12
    Posted By Jenna Hall

    Avoiding the Holiday Bulge, Some Helpful Tips from Your Evolve Gals! 

    The "Bulge" Defined

    Holiday: A day, or number of days of festivity and/or recreation when no work is done.

    Bulge: A rounded swelling or protuberance that distorts a flat surface.

    Put the two together– The dreaded Holiday Bulge: A not-so-jolly swelling that occurs after the indulgence of monstrous amounts of sugar cookies, delectable meats, and mouth-watering apple pie during the next few weeks of cheer.

    What’s not so cheerful? After all the sweet and savory umami from the spicy drinks and glazed rolls have left your taste buds, all you have is a tubby roll over your yoga pants and stretch pants to show for it. UGH.

    Avoid Holiday Weight Gain in 3 Steps

    So how do you avoid the holiday bulge?  It’s easy…well kind-of,  if you can at least attempt to follow these three simple steps I promise you will still be able to fit into your the new Teeki hot pants come new years.

    1. Attending a Holiday Party? Eat before you leave the house.

    Holiday parties are like the devils buffet for the hungry yet health-conscious individual. Trust me when I tell you that eating an entire platter of cookies over the course of the night will occur if you decide not to nourish yourself before you attend a holiday party.

    When our body is famished we reach for ANYTHING to fill the hunger void, even if that means tons of refined sugars. Do yourself a favor and before you go out, eat some lean protein, if vegetarian opt for some hummus and pita chips. It will curb your appetite while still allowing room for (a few) Hors d’oeurvres at the party.

  • Teeki Hot Pants in Action

    Aug 18
    Posted By Kyla Smith

    New Teeki Yoga Clothing Video, A Close Look at Their Hot Pants

    Check out our new Teeki Clothing video we just made with gorgeous model Danielle! Some of our favorite Teeki hot pants (like the Balanced Traveler and Northern Lights hot pants) get showcased in a beautiful video that explains why Teeki is such an amazing up-and-coming brand and shows off the fantastic fit and stretch of Teeki’s super cute hot yoga leggings!

    Why We Love Teeki

    There are so many reasons to love Teeki Hot Pants and this video has them all! Like how Teeki uses an Eco-friendly process to turn recycled plastic water bottles into their fabric. Each Teeki hot pant is made from 80% recycled plastic waterbottles.

    That’s 25 water bottles that go into each yoga legging! We hope you found the ideas for how to pair your Teeki pants when not in the studio helpful and cute; especially with the Fall season heading our way! Let us know what you thought of our new video and how much you love Teeki hot pants!!

  • Teeki Hot Pants: New Arrivals

    May 09
    Posted By Guest Blogger

    Introducing one of the hottest new brands we just got in a few weeks ago- TEEKI. The awesome eye-catching prints are the first thing people notice, but as you read more about the fabric its a fascinating new concept in yoga pants and workout clothing in general.

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