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  • Green Apple Yoga Pants: Perfect for Vegging out over the Holidays

    Dec 29
    Posted By Hannah Hess

    We hope you are all having a wonderful holiday eating lots of turkey (or ham) and enjoying the extra stretchiness of your stretchy pants. Speaking of which, one of our favorite stretchy pants is back in stock: the Green Apple 33” Yoga Flare Pant. This must have lounge and yoga pant is almost impossible for us to keep on the shelves but luckily we have a stocked up for the holidays with the great basic black and a super fun new Magenta color.  

  • Saint Grace: Lets Sail Away

    Jul 23
    Posted By Hannah Hess

    There is always that mid-week moment when you catch yourself daydreaming about being a gorgeous celebrity whisking away to the French Riviera, lounging on a yacht, sipping champagne, and all the while looking absolutely effortlessly fantastic.

  • Yoga Pants Sale: Fourth of July

    Jul 03
    Posted By YogaDork

  • Yoga Pants are the New Slacks

    Jan 20
    Posted By Kyla Smith

  • Green Apple Yoga Flare Pants are Back!

    Nov 12
    Posted By Kyla Smith

    Green Apple Yoga Flares Back in Stock! 

    The Green Apple Yoga Flare Pants are back in stock! This may mean nothing to you, but for many of our customers who have been waiting for month on these pants, it causes for a mini inner celebration. After being backordered for 2 months, Evolve is the first place to get them and if you haven’t ordered a pair, this might be the hottest pant in the history on our Evolve site. I checked with Green Apple, and they haven’t been publicized in the press or seen on celebrities.

    Why So Popular?

    This pant has purely gone viral for the fact that they are slimming, hug the right areas, fabric that won’t peel, fade or stretch out and the waistband doesn’t give you that dreaded “muffin-top” we all hate. They come in 4 colors below (left to right: Slate, Boysenberry, Black, Heather Grey). The material is an organic cotton/ bamboo/ spandex blend that holds up during a tough workout and keeps its shape and color thru hundreds of washes and wears. Shop the Green Apple Yoga Flare Pant.

    How To Cut Your Pants

    One of the things to note, the pants come extra long (33″) so it will comfortably be long enough for someone who is 5″ 11″. If they are too long for you, simply just cut them to the length you need without them coming unraveled. Our cutting tips are included in every shipment, but here is a run-down before you chop:

    Make sure to use extra sharp scissors, or else you will get a ragged line.
    Wash, dry and wear before cutting so pants can shape to your body.
    Always leave 1-2 extra inches extra - you can always cut more later, but you can’t grow more back!
    Items can not be returned once they have been cut.

    We’d love to assist you, or help you find your perfect size. Call 888.708.5585, we’re at the phones from 9am-6pm PST or send us an email to:

    We’ll get back to you within 30 minutes or less :)

    About the Brand

    About Green Apple Clothing makes eco-friendly, sustainable clothing that is versatile to wear both in and outside of your practice. Mostly making products from bamboo, cotton with spandex or lycra for stretch. Our customers wear Green Apple for yoga, Pilates, running, gym time or running errands with the kids. Green Apple is so comfy you’ll probably wear it to bed too!

  • Yoga Pants: My Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

    Dec 08
    Posted By Guest Blogger

  • I Grew Hips and Bought New Yoga Pants

    Oct 20
    Posted By Guest Blogger

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