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Yoga Leggings

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  • Flexi Lexi: Dance on Your Mat in Ballet Inspired Leggings

    Jan 22
    Posted By Evolve

    Nestled in the bustling city of Bangkok, Thailand stirs a new wave of ballet inspired yoga gear by Flexi Lexi. We knew this was going to be something big, and had to get our activewear loving hands on these mesh, wrap, and ombre leggings and cute bralettesEven cooler is the fact that we've snagged an exclusive online retail deal and are super excited to introduce this new brand to the Evolve collection!  

    Flexi Lexi Dancer Leggings:

    Inspired by the grace and beauty of a ballerina these gorgeous leggings wrap around your calf for a classic dancer look:

  • Yoga Leggings You Can Wear Everyday

    Nov 21
    Posted By Kyla Smith

    Winter is officially here and you are probably trying to make the best use of your wardrobe- layering pieces without having to rush to the store to buy new winter gear. One of the best secrets stylists suggest is to re-use your favorite yoga leggings and workout pants to wear under big over sized sweaters and layered winter pieces partnered with your favorite winter boots. Here are the reasons why:

  • How to De-Boredom Your Life

    Jun 15
    Posted By Guest Blogger

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