Swoon-worthy Jewelry: Meet Our Makers


Recently we’ve added a huge selection of amazing brands of jewelry to our site. If you haven’t checked out our amazingly beautiful collections of yoga jewelry, then you simply must!

But first… Let’s get to know some of these amazing jewelry line’s artist and makers who keep our looks fresh and inspired with their touches of design and craftsmanship. 



Seen on everyone from Kylie Jenner to Jennifer Lopez, Vanessa Mooney has become a go-to jewelry maker for all things unique, on-trend, and absolutely gorgous! Her pieces are often inspired from vintage pieces, and are super versatile to go with anything from a formal evening dress to jeans and a t-shirt.



Native Gem is a jewelry company hailing from Los Angeles with elements crafted in Brazil, the US, and Turkey. Each unique pendant dangles from a chain of hand-beaded woven thread, and combines art and culture in stunning masterpieces you’ll never want to take off. 



Serefina is a jewelry line out of San Francisco inspired and created by artist, artwork, and culture. Weaving in elements from the 1960’s and 1970’s these pieces are a perfect combination of vintage feel with moden chic. Serefina values sustainable production pulling many of the elements of their pieces from reclaimed jewelry, ensuring that each piece is unique and well though out.



Frasier who was born and raised in Houston, Texas is the brainchild behind this super cool line of jewelry. The granddaughter of a jewelry designer, who set out to create pieces inspired by her surroundings in the SW. You will see beautiful touches of vintage inspired conchos, arrowheads, and feathers in her pieces. All of which show her adoration for 1970’s inspired vintage SW jewelry. 



B.B. Lila Jewelry is the love child of Brittany Wiley and Lindsey Jaco who found their love and inspiration for jewelry making deep in the heart of Texas. These wanderlusted southern belles have created this beautiful line of boho vintage inspired pieces that retain elements of their upbringing in the SW. All the production and creation for B.B. Lila is done in Dallas, Texas. 




House of Tenebris was created by friends, lovers, and partners Adrian and Rachel Prazen. Based out of Salt Lake City, Utah these two artist design beautifully stunning etched copper pieces that pull inspiration from the elements of life and the divine. Rachel is the design eye in the duo and Adrian seeks to craft his wife’s vision into stunning pieces that will turn heads whereever they go.


Ready to see the whole collections from these artists? Shop all our yoga jewelry now! We are always on the hunt for pieces that drop our jaws and inspiring gutteral utterings of “oooh” and “aweeee”. Have a favorite maker? Let us know in the comments below! 



Laura C. Helms