Greetings from Portland: Rose City Legging Love


Portland never feels more like itself than in the Fall. Finally the rain returns, warm cups of coffee, scarves, beanies, and Pendleton flannel abound, and us Oregonians begin to relax into letting go of the impetus of summer’s push to get out and go! Don’t get me wrong, the rain has never stopped us, but there is a common sigh that you feel in the city as we succumb to the changing weather. We take extra moments to enjoy the changing leaves as we make our way to work or school, extra moments to appreciate the sound of rain as we nod off to bed, and extra moments to appreciate the warmth of our hot beverages which aid in cutting the chill in the air. Portland in the fall is beautiful, and I’m so very proud to call this city my home.

As an ode to the Rose City we’ve put together some of our favorite Portland Inspired printed leggings for those of you out there who need a little Portlandia in your life!


Building Bridges:

Portland is famous for its 12 bridges that span over the Willamette river which divides the west side of the city from the east. It’s hard to miss the uniqueness of each individual bridge. Each bridge holds its own charm and appeal. I’m certain that if you ask anyone who has lived in Portland for an extended period of time they would tell you which bridge is their favorite.

We loved all the bridges in Portland so much that we decided to partner with Goldsheep Clothing to create the Portland Bridges Legging. This beautiful legging features each one of these iconic Portland bridges in pop colors set on a sleek black background. We are crazy proud of these leggings, and know that you don’t have to be from Portland to rock these long leggings! 




Photo Credit: @evolvefitwear – @oregontralegear – @evolvefitwear



Mmm.. Donuts:

Every Portlander can spot those coveted pink boxes a mile away. If you want to make friends with Portlanders just show up with one of these boxes full of Voodoo Doughnuts. Featured on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations, Man V. Food, and Globe Trekker, Voodoo Doughnuts is famous for it’s crazy good flavors and outrageous doughnut designs! From grape tang topped jelly doughnuts to cotton candy flavors, and bacon maple bars featuring huge strips of crispy bacon these doughnuts are worth writing home about!

Yes, Portlanders do love their doughnuts, and while we’re on the topic another Portland based donut company has been making waves along side Voodoo. Blue Star Donuts makes what I would consider grown-up donuts. With gourmet flavors like Kahalua with mascarpone glaze, raspberry rosemary, and raspberry pistachio we can’t help but love these delicious coffee dunking ready treats!

In homage to our love of donuts we’re rather sweet on these Emily Hsu Designs Donut Leggings!



 Photo Credit: @ericaeatsagain  @evolvefitwear  @courtneyrinn



Coffee Talk:

You can’t come to Portland without trying our amazing coffee. Coffee here isn’t something you order through a drive through. Coffee is serious business. Coffee is a tangential experience. That first sip should be savored, breathed in, as you linger in that moment before the caffeine kicks in and sends us on our way. Our local roasters take pride in roasting the best beans to perfection. Coffee perfectors like Stumptown, Ristretto, Coava, and more fill the portland air with the lure of freshly roasted beans and keep us going on those dreary gray days.

We couldn’t talk about Portland without talking about coffee, and that is why these amazing Eagle Rock Werkshop Coffee leggings have made our list of Portland inspired leggings.


Photo Credit: @evolvefitwear  @iamcoffeestand   @oldfashionedboyscout



Rainy Daze:

Portland and rain go together like coffee and donuts. As much as we complain about the soggy gray wetness, we all secretly have lots of love for the magically sky potion that keeps our state so beautiful and green. We don’t need umbrellas. Rain gives us an excuse to throw on wool layers and cute boots and socks. It lets us relax about having to spend time to get the perfect hair. We settle on a messy bun or loose side braid without a second thought. Not to mention the quintessential beanie which is the Portlander version of dry shampoo.. shh.. don’t tell!

These Eagle Rock Werkshop pants are so vivid you’ll feel like you’re looking through a rain soaked window in your downdog. We love the subtle ombre feel. So, get down with the rain without getting wet!



Photo Credit: @dooleyart   @jennikajaye   @travelportland

Take a Hike!

Even when the weather turns and the rain falls you still can’t keep us out of the great outdoors. Rainy days means damp forest hunts for Chanterelle mushrooms. Fall hiking and camping are excuses for hot toddies and cozy campfires. It’s an excuse to snuggle up with that certain special someone, even if it’s just your besty. We don’t let rain keep us from getting out into the great outdoors.

These Eagle Rock Werkshop leggings remind us of our favorite hikes that surround the city. You’re never far from nature in this amazing city, and with these leggings you’ll always have that reminder of nature’s beauty.



Photo Credit:   @rosslipson @stephanialkire @sabbracadabra77

Coming up Roses:

Portland is commonly referred to as the Rose City for its ideal climate for growing roses. Our marine west coast climate, warm, dry summers and rainy falls and winters mean some serious blossoms on those rose bushes. If you come to Portland in early June be sure to check out the Portland Rose Festival. The Starlight Parade, Grand Floral Parade, and waterfront festivities are not to be missed. However, even if you don’t make it in time there is always the Portland Rose Gardens nestled in the picturesque Washington Park. here you will find over 7,000 rose plants and 55o different varieties of roses!

We love these Tossed Roses leggings from Anjali Clothing. They remind us of the beauty that blooms most of the year around the city. They are subtle and gorgeous and perfect for your hot yoga practice as they are super sweat wicking and quick drying!



Photo Credit: @lady.wendybird @jorda_b 


PDX Carpet:

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the uproar caused by the announcement of the removal of the famous.. infamous.. PDX carpet from our Airport! PDX was recently voted the best airport in the country, but the carpet seems to have stolen the airport’s thunder. 1000’s of pictures of people standing on the outdated …err.. “retro” printed carpet fill up instagram from anyone visiting our pretty little city. During this year’s Starlight Parade we even made the carpet the Grand Marshal… yeah.. we’re a little weird..

With these awesome Gold Sheep PDX Carpet Long leggings you’ll get a little piece of history to humor and enjoy for years to come. The carpet might be changing but you’ll take flight in these super fun and funky printed leggings!



Photo Credit: @oregonlive @goldsheepclothing @damianlilard

Oh Portland, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways! Bridges, coffee, donuts, rain, nature’s beauty, green space, weird carpet obsessions.. I’m so happy to have been born in raised in the Pacific Northwest, and even more proud to call this amazing city my home. And  if you should find yourself in town feel free to stop by and visit us! We love to meet the awesome people who keep Evolve growing and evolving!

So, with that I will leave you with the the words of the 30th Governor of Oregon, Tom McCall, “Visit Oregon, but don’t stay”.


Laura C. Helms