2016-08-26 20:44:00

As a designer you know that when the biggest style icons start rocking your gear, you've made it. We absolutely love seeing the activewear, swim, and accessory brands that we carry being featured on the biggest celebs! When we saw Queen Beyonce rocking the Suburban Riot Kale Sweatshirt, we sold out almost instantly. When Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid were seen rocking the Splits59 leggings, we couldn't restock fast enough! So, when we started looking into sunglasses for our swimwear launch, we saw that Quay Sunglasses and Spitfire Sunglasses were two brands who were being spotted all over fashion bloggers and celebrities. We were even more shocked at the totally reasonable price point and wickedly cool designs! Needless to say, these sunglasses are fun and fabulous must-haves!

Quay Sunglasses & Spitfire Sunglasses

We wanted to take a moment to introduce these brands and their unique styles! So read all about these awesome sunglasses and then hop over to our Sunglasses page to shop the entire collection of sunglasses! 




Quay Australia is a brand that was born from founders Linda and Allen Hammond's love for music festivals and Melbourne style! These sunglasses are unique and come in at a totally reasonable price point. We also have made respect for Quay Australia as they are absolutely committed to creating their sunglasses using strict human rights protections such as; not using child labor or excessive working hours, safe manufacturing and machinery protections, and liveable wages. They also are dedicated to not using harmful chemicals in their sunglasses. 




Spitfire Sunglasses are one of those brands that have managed to create a sunglass line that blurs the lines between futuristic and retro, feminine and masculine, and badass and beautiful. We love the design behind this incredible London based eyewear company. They also fit wonderfully and are also a totally reasonable price with the quality you would expect from expensive designer sunglasses! 

We are super excited have added these awesome eyewear companies to our site, and know that no matter if you're heading to the studio or laying on the beach, there is a Sunglass to fit you're personality and facetype! If you have any questions about the fit and feel of any of our sunglasses we'd absolutely love to help you! Just hop on chat, give us a ring, or shoot us an email! 




Laura Helms