Staff Pick Saturday: Gloria


This week for our Staff Picks Saturday we’re featuring Gloria, Evolve Social Media Strategist. Gloria has a great sense of style, and is constantly providing outfit inspo in the office with her classically adorable look! More so than all that, Gloria is a hard-working sweet hearted addition to the Evolve team, and we’re so glad to have this jet-setting chica working for us! 


Short Bio/Style Profile:

I was born and grew up in Portland, Oregon all of my life. A few years ago, I was invited to go on a Europe trip with some family, and that was when my love affair with traveling began. Now, when people ask what my hobby is, I just say traveling because that is all that I think about and plan for. I’m graduating from college in a month and am going on a two month Euro trip with friends. Other than dreaming of adventures, I enjoy sunny days, making to-do lists, sour candy, chill tunes, good movies, and coffee dates with close friends.

Body Type/Favorite Workout/What you look for in your activewear (relate to your workout)

I would consider myself average size with a little bit of curves going on in the bust and booty area. When it comes to workout clothing, I look for versatility. Something that I can wear on a hike or a Krav Maga class, but also style up for a “street style” look.


Gloria’s Layout: 

Glorias Staff Picks


Electric & Rose Black Sunset Legging

I chose the Electric & Rose Sunset Legging because I love the cotton material on these. I’m not big fan of Polyester plasticy feel activewear, so I love that these leggings are super soft and comfortable against the skin. They are also black and white, so they go with everything, which is important for the whole versatility thing.


Spiritual Gangster Varsity Logo Coachella Tank

I chose this top mainly because besides black & grey, maroon makes up most of closet. I just love this color so much, and I gravitate towards it whenever I shop. Also, this top is unbelievably soft. Feels like buttery silk against the skin.


Spitfire Warp Sunglasses

I love the flat frame, mirrored look of these silver & gold sunglasses, and they are the perfect addition for an everyday wear outfit.


Pura Vida Bracelets  “Kiss Me Deadly” Style Pack

When it comes to jewelry, I usually go for more subtle pieces, but sometimes I like to add layered necklaces or bracelets to my look. And of course, this style pack from Pura Vida Bracelets comes with my favorite maroon and black colors that go with so many things in my closet.



Being on social media is part of my job, so I have my phone always on me checking Instagram and Facebook. I also cannot live without music and make to keep my phone always charged, so that I can jam to my Spotify playlists.


Fujifilm Instax Camera

I’m somewhat of an amateur photographer and love capturing moments. Especially when traveling, I make sure to grab my Polaroid camera with me because there is something sentimental about the waiting for that little instax film to get developed when it comes out of the camera.



I have a serious problem when it comes to buying cute journals. I have a huge stack of unused journals at home that are just waiting to be filled in. I make sure to always take a journal with me when traveling to write about my day, and it’s the perfect place to save receipts and tickets from the different places I go to. It turns into somewhat of a scrapbook, and I love looking back and remembering my travel adventures.


Passport/Little Books

If it’s not clear already, I’m a big traveler and am embarking on another adventure soon. My passport is slowly getting filled up with stamps from all over. Some that are in there already include: Mexico, London, Japan, Russia, Dublin, and Prague. The other books are more of those adorable journals I’ve picked up from stores like World Market and Paper Source, waiting to be filled with my thoughts, ideas, and travel adventures. 


Glorias Staff Picks

(Karma Athletics – Malala III Tee // Joah Brown – Cut Loose Legging // Native Gem – Nepal Silver Hand Crochet Necklace //  Blu Kicks – Double Black Slip On)

We hope you loved taking a peek into Gloria’s life and travels! If you are vibing on Gloria’s look make sure to hop over to SHOP HER LOOK on her trends page where she has picked out all her favorite items from Evolve including all the items from this blog! Also follow her and her beautifully curated Instagram @gloriousdaisies while she travels the globe and photographs all the pretty things! 


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