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  • Introducing Curve Sizes

    Rad Brand
    Dec 30
    Posted By Evolve

    Here at Evolve Fit Wear, we’re all about body positivity, feeling your best in your skin, and always being comfortable in what you’re wearing! This philosophy is present by the variety of brands we carry, the range of printed and graphic and mesh yoga clothes we offer, and in how we guarantee that anyone who shops with us will always find what they need for their body type and feel amazing in the best

  • Yoga Clothes for Every Body

    Evolve Guide
    Jun 24
    Posted By Laura Helms

    Having managed customer support at Evolve for almost two years now, I’ve had the joy and entertainment of chatting with some amazing people from all across this globe. We strive to have an awesome, high quality, curated selection of activewear to fit all styles, ages, and body types.

    However, there is nothing that makes me


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