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  • Booty Asana: 5 Poses to Boost Your Booty

    Evolve Fun
    Mar 02
    Posted By Evolve

    Yoga butt. It might not be the primary reason I practice yoga, but it’s a benefit that I happily accept. Obviously strengthening our booty can help us feel more confident during bikini season. But beyond the visible impact, investing in strong, balanced gluteal muscles is important for stability and longevity in our practice, our sports and hobbies, and simply living in our body. These muscles play a role in our low

  • 5 Easy Poses for a Quick Yoga Break at Your Desk

    Evolve Fun
    Nov 08
    Posted By Evolve

    You’ve been sitting at your computer for hours. Your mind is feeling fuzzy. You haven’t taken a proper breath in an undisclosed amount of time. And let’s not even talk about your posture. And you’re about to reach for another cup of coffee because you’re tired. It’s the inevitable desk cycle that we’re all guilty of. You sit. You stop breathing. You get tired. You slouch. You stop

  • Yoga Clothes for Every Body

    Evolve Guide
    Jun 24
    Posted By Laura Helms

    Having managed customer support at Evolve for almost two years now, I’ve had the joy and entertainment of chatting with some amazing people from all across this globe. We strive to have an awesome, high quality, curated selection of activewear to fit all styles, ages, and body types.

    However, there is nothing that makes me


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