Teeki Hot Pants Can Help You Keep the Holiday Weight Off


Avoiding the Holiday Bulge, Some Helpful Tips from Your Evolve Gals! 

The “Bulge” Defined

Holiday: A day, or number of days of festivity and/or recreation when no work is done.

Bulge: A rounded swelling or protuberance that distorts a flat surface.

Put the two together– The dreaded Holiday Bulge: A not-so-jolly swelling that occurs after the indulgence of monstrous amounts of sugar cookies, delectable meats, and mouth-watering apple pie during the next few weeks of cheer.

What’s not so cheerful? After all the sweet and savory umami from the spicy drinks and glazed rolls have left your taste buds, all you have is a tubby roll over your yoga pants and stretch pants to show for it. UGH.

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain in 3 Steps

So how do you avoid the holiday bulge?  It’s easy…well kind-of,  if you can at least attempt to follow these three simple steps I promise you will still be able to fit into your the new Teeki hot pants come new years.

1. Attending a Holiday Party? Eat before you leave the house.

Holiday parties are like the devils buffet for the hungry yet health-conscious individual. Trust me when I tell you that eating an entire platter of cookies over the course of the night will occur if you decide not to nourish yourself before you attend a holiday party.

When our body is famished we reach for ANYTHING to fill the hunger void, even if that means tons of refined sugars. Do yourself a favor and before you go out, eat some lean protein, if vegetarian opt for some hummus and pita chips. It will curb your appetite while still allowing room for (a few) Hors d’oeurvres at the party.

Teeki Hot Pants will Spark Your Holiday Weight Loss2. Work out before you eat.

More and more studies are suggesting that, “running on empty” may not be such an obscure notion. Somestudies are proposing the theory that when you exercise after fasting or after a night’s worth of sleep; you burn significantly more calories and start to chip into fat reserves.

Whether it’s a hot-power yoga class or a brisk morning run, get your body moving before your next all-you-can-eat holiday brunch. Teeki Hot Pants come in a variety of fun color and prints to help you keep the weight off and maintain your workout energy high! 

3. Choose two glasses of Champagne over one glass of Egg-Nog

Egg-Nog is without a doubt one of the most amazing creamy-licious holiday drinks of all time. I am not suggesting you pass up this delight once and for all, but choose to indulge wisely. This velvety cup of goodness can contain over 360 calories per serving (12 ounces).

If you are craving a little holiday sweetness buzz, try a glass (or two!) of champagne, chiming in at less than 160 calories per serving.

Whatever you do, love yourself, love your body and enjoy the holidays! Happy Holidays – the Evolve Gals

Champange is Lighter Drink for Holiday Celebrations