Workout Uniform: Whats Your Signature Style?


Have you ever noticed a famous or successful person who wore the same thing everyday, has a unique trademark or signature style?

Let’s think for a minute…Here’s are a few that come to my mind right away…

Is this just a Coincidence? Do these people have a Reason for there signature style?

Does their dress effect their success?

A bit of Google Research and you’ll find the people above do in fact have reasons for there style. We all here the sayings dress for success, but what does it actually mean. To these iconic people, what did dressing for success mean? When do you know you’ve dressed for success?

 Albert Einstein Signature Style

steve jobs signature style
Nikki Minaj Signature Style
Mark Zuckerberg Signature Style

This theory of successful people and how they dress came to me one day while out shopping with my boyfriend.

We were in the men’s section of one of his favorite stores and he was indecisive on what style of shirt to go with. He jokingly said to me..

“This would be a lot easier for you, you have your uniform!”. 

I didn’t really get the joke (0r if it was suppose to be a joke). I replied saying “I don’t have a uniform, I’m self-employed!”. Like most when I think of uniforms I think of work uniform, school uniform, etc…He explained how in our city and to my clients i’m known for a certain style or “uniform” and it’s a good thing.  I thought about it and realized its kinda true…For me,  he explained, I’m known for funky yoga pants and backwards hats. He explained that if he were to ask any client to guess what I’m wearing today, 95% could describe the style. 

Do you have a uniform or a consistent style? …Try Asking Friends!

What is yours, and Why?

In my opinion, I don’t believe there to be 1 reason for why we choose the style we do, that’s what makes this so intriguing and unique to me.

Personally, I wear what I do because it’s  inspirational to my lifestyle and my fitness training style. When you work for yourself,  your always working!

How could I quickly bust out a new style of Burpee in Tight Jeans or Heels when it comes to my mind?

My uniform fit’s what I do and helps me be creative with my work 24/7, no matter where I am.

My training style has evolved from how I live everyday. I give my clients a 360 degree view of their fitness from waking up in the morning to going to bed at night. I create workouts for Outdoor Urban Settings, On the Water, In the Gym, at Home, Your Headphones, and even at Work. You name the spot and I have a workout for it!

Signature Style Yoga Pantsme wearing Teeki Yoga Pants and Be Love Sweatshirt