Yoga Leggings You Can Wear Everyday


Winter is officially here and you are probably trying to make the best use of your wardrobe- layering pieces without having to rush to the store to buy new winter gear. One of the best secrets stylists suggest is to re-use your favorite yoga leggings and workout pants to wear under big over sized sweaters and layered winter pieces partnered with your favorite winter boots. Here are the reasons why:

How to Style Your Yoga Leggings


Your yoga leggings will keep you warmer than regular tights

They are designed to be slimming and flattering for your hips and thighs so everything is “held in” the right places and without any muffin tops tights cause.

Yoga pants wont be see through (like tights would be) so if you have a wardrobe malfunction, you can save yourself any embarrassment.

Get more bang for your buck. When you spend $50-$70 on quality yoga bottoms, you want to get the most use out of them.

You can get funky with your yoga pants with fun colors, animal print leggings or wet look leggings that look awesome with sweaters!

Use your favorite yoga tank as a base layer under your clothes. When you are off to work you are already dressed for yoga class- just remember to pack your yoga mat and simply take off a few layers!

Many of the celebs (with high paid stylists) you see in the magazines simply wear spandex leggings under their trendy tanks and tops. Here are some ideas for our favorite yoga pants and leggings on Evolve we get more use out of other than just on the mat.

Green Apple makes super cute (and organic) leggings from Bamboo and organic cotton. They are slimming and supportive and one of our favorite yoga pants under $40. Shown here is Boysenberry (pink leggings a must this winter!), but standard black and grey are always available.

Green Apple Yoga Leggings

OmGirl Nomad Legging -$64 OmGirl has been one of our favorite brands for years. Made out of Los Angeles, CA every piece is made from their famous fabric (95% certified organic cotton with 5% spandex). The Nomad Legging has a flattering paper-thin fold down flap that hugs you in the hips and tush and acts as an extra cover. Plus, you can cut the pants and the fold down flap to the length that you need. (shorties rejoice!)

Omgirl Nomad Yoga Legging

Gathered Long Legging -$87 Beyond Yoga has noticed a boom in success from all of the celebrity yoginis and fitness trainers. Their stuff is a little pricer, but you get quality that will last a long time and does not stretch out or change over time. Try the Gathered Legging with you guessed it (gathers at the leggings) or the basic Yoga Long Legging which is about $10 less.

Beyond Yoga Essential Legging

Alo Yoga Core Performance Legging -$62 This legging from Alo is supportive, slimming with tactical seam lines that holds you in the right places. One of our favorite additions this fall. Cute snaps on the sides is a cute feminine touch.

Alo Yoga Legging

Hyde is a favorite amongst the yoginis and those shopping for eco-friendly clothing. Always made with certified organic cotton with a hint of stretch, the ergonomically-fitting styles stay consistant throughout the year with the colors changing seasonally derived from nature (rock, eggplant, grass). The Gathered Legging has a pleated seam line that wraps from the side to the front for a unique pant that is feminine as much as it is versatile.Hyde Organic Yoga Legging

How do you wear your yoga clothes outside of your practice? What are your favorite brands or pieces to wear?