Yogi Dating: The Do’s and Dont’s


Ok, so you want to date a yogi. They can twist, turn and contort themselves into all sorts of precarious positions and you consider that pretty sexy. Mentally they can hold a savasana or meditation for at least ten minutes and they are more then happy to indulge in hours of philosophical banter about life, love and the deeper meaning of it all. It takes dedication to be a yogi, so they expect their counterpart to be just as well versed in the lessons of life and flexible enough to keep up with them in class. That’s why many yogis seek out fellow yogis to partner up with, whether it be on a platonic or romantic level. However, you don’t have to be a yogi to date one, but there are a few do’s and don’ts of winning over the heart of your current yogi crush. So what does it take to date a yogi?

Do Have An Idea Of What’s Going On in The Galaxy (Planetary Influence)Most yogis are no stranger to what’s going on in the universe. Many can tell you what planets are in retrograde and how its affecting the overall energy of the earth.If you want to date a yogi, at least know why it’s unwise to make any kind of pivotal life decisions when mercury is in retrograde. If you really want to impress your yogi, look how the current planetary influence is affecting their personal sun astrological sign.

Dress To Impress But Don’t Overdo It
Not all yogis are what’s stereotyped as being tree-hugging granola eating hippies. But even yogis in stilettos give off an aura of being down to earth. If you are planning on taking your yogi on a first date, please don’t overdoes on the cologne and sparkly cuff links. A new pair of funky yoga leggings with an oversized sexy sweater and boots will impress your yogi the most.

Do Compare Healthy Lifestyle Habits
Yogis are not perfect. It’s hard to follow the ideal yogi guru lifestyle especially in America. However, if you do choose to date a yogi, engage in conversation about the hobbies that currently enrich your life. Anything you enjoy outdoors will probably score high on a yogis compatibility check list. If you really want to wow your yogi, take them to the park and pack a home made picnic meal filled with fresh ingredients from the local farmers market. Top it off with some ecstatic stretching in the grass and you may find yourself rolling right into the center of your yogis heart.

Do Try to Dance (even if you cant)
On the mat, yogis are no stranger to putting themselves out there. Insecurities are something a dedicated yogi has to overcome when bending and twisting into all sorts of strange positions. If you aren’t comfortable with your own expression, your yogi wont be comfortable with you. If you truly want to win over a yogi, let loose and twirl your yogi with confidence onto the dance floor.

Do Stay Open Minded
As if the last few tips didn’t already make it clear enough that your yogi needs an open mind, I am reminding you right now: a semi-open mind is a closed mind to a yogi.If you want to win over the mind of a yogi think of your own as a parachute. Let the magnificent and enlightened mind of a yogi expand your own with fluidity and ease. If you can stay receptive to your yogis ideas no matter how esoteric they may seem, your yogi will surely return the love and possibly a ride of your life.

Have another Do and Don’t to share? Let us know how you won the heart of your current yogi crush!