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Balance Fitwear


About the Brand: Sparked by New York fashion, designed in Los Angeles' sunny climes and made in Brazil, Balance Fitwear pulls from multi-cultural inspiration and influence to create workout wear this sexy, flattering and up to your most demanding workout needs. Founder Ana Arias gives you the opportunity to leave your baggy gym clothes in the back of your closet and wear Balance Fitwear for your workout lifestyle. This fun and energetic brand is all about making gym wear cute again. With lots of flirty prints and the right details to flatter your shape Balance Fitwear is perfect for feeling and looking your best from the studio to the street.  

Key Pieces to Look for: Our personal favorite is Balance Fitwear's Renaissance Leggings - this classic legging features a full length fit and a flattering surprise on the waistband. Ruched fabric on this extra supportive waistbands hugs your body in tight giving you the best non-slip fit you've ever worn and keeps your tummy-line looking slim and trim. 

Where to Wear: Balance Fitwear is most worn for high-sweat workouts like heated yoga, sculpt, spin, latin dance and more. These silky soft styles are difficult to take off so you'll find yourself wearing them around town for running errands or meeting up with friends too. Good thing they feature such fast quick dry, these leggings wick sweat off within 20 minutes of a tough workout.  

Why We Love: Is it the silky soft fabric? The suction-cupping fit that holds us in with perfect confidence? Maybe it's the wacky fun prints that make a splash in the gym every time. Most likely its a combo of all of those awesome features that make us feel flirty, motivated and excited to head to the gym. 

Sizing Feedback: Please take note that Balance Fitwear does make their items in one size only that fit sizes 0-8. Balance Fitwear is made with a special type of stretched that accommodates a lot of different shapes and sizes and recovers it's shape in the wash so you can leave worries of baggy or shapeless activewear behind. If you have any additional fit questions please give our customer service team a call. 

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"love it. Im very tiny it is really hard for me to find small size. Great quality and it is adjustable will work for size xxs to m- (via

"Super fun leggings, my new reptile leggings are so soft and comfortable! With all of the different colors of green blue and yellow I can these with any top. I wanted these the minute I saw them and now I'm so glad I purchased them:)" -(via Reseller Ratings) 

"Balance fitwear makes the best fitting leggings with the best prints. Love for working out or going out. Great quality and look, will get more for sure. They are well worth the extra money!-(via Reseller Ratings) 

"I love my cartoon leggings, a little tight so some days they feel better than other but these are the highest quality leggings I've ever worn. Make in more sizes please!!-(via Reseller Ratings)

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