Black Leggings

black leggings

Introduction to Black Leggings: These have long been the go to staple category for women's yoga pants forrreeevverr. Every woman might have 10 pairs in their closet, but they have their best leggings that are their go-to. Black leggings have a long history of being super flattering, able to match with anything, and all around a veratile item to wear with anything. Women have used them to "hide" conceived flaws, but with the positive body image movement has come a new wave of activewear with women wearing printed leggings and bright colored leggings. Women are embracing their figures with new fervor, and are shedding the need to ascribe to antiquated and unobtainable body ideals.

The Black Legging Gets A Total Makeover: Now women who live in their yoga pants have new options for how they rock theirs. In the past year we've seen huge trends come to updating basic black. With updates of mesh leggings, they are are now getting a fresh new look with the rise of like the Onzie Long Legging. We've also seen brands like  take texture to a new level with subtle details, mesh or unique stitching which dresses up the basic black. The glammed up metallic legging craze gave all us black loving ladies new life with black metallic leggings like Koral Lustrous Legging and the Purusha People Dark Goddess Leggings. Needless to say, there is nothing boring about yoga leggings these days! 

Things are Getting Graphic: Along with the makeover of yoga leggings comes the coolest trend, by taking black leggings and adding cool boho inspired graphics along the back or side of the leg. One of the best examples of this trend is with the Deer Medicine Hot Pant from Teeki  which features an amazing detailed gorgeous deer skull layered on top of a brush stroked black base. GoldSheep Clothing was right on the money with this trend with their Falling Gold Lights legging, another huge seller on the site! This leggings features a glossy black legging with ascending gold sparkles up the legs.