Cover ups

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What to Look for in Cover Ups: It's important to protect your skin. With our selection of cover ups you'll never have to sacrifice your style for protection. With breezy styles with vibrant color, fun prints, and design details, you'll have beachy style with minimal effort. Flowy dresses work well as beach cover ups and as casual streetwear for breezy style you can wear anywhere. Shop our selection of cover ups to take your beach wear to the next level!

Brands to Look Out For: Maaji offers cover ups in breezy style with design details like lace, fringe, and vibrant prints. Wear Maaji at the beach, pool, lake or at your next outdoor music festival. Dresses from Joah Brown flow and drape effortlessly, flattering your curves and lending a laidback vibe. Wear Joah Brown on the shore or wear them on the street with denim or on their own, wherever you wear these breezy dresses you'll have cool, effortless style. Alexis Mera dresses work great as beach cover ups with simple, flattering designs you can wear at the beach or dress up and take on the streets.

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