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New Arrivals


New, Newer, and Newest: Here at Evolve Fit Wear you can always find the latest and greatest in women's workout and yoga clothing. Check back to our New Arrivals page to be the first to snag those hard to find items and limited edition prints in stock for a short time only. Be 100% original and unique when expressing yourself at the gym, on the mat, lounging at home or out running errands. The brands we carry are hard to find and offer small batch styles so you know that you won't see your twin in the gym. We pride ourselves in carrying women's activewear and yoga clothes that are perfect for your individual style while keeping your look fresh and fashionable at all times. Check out the newest styles and designs in women's yoga pants, printed leggings, workout tops and more.

Updated Weekly! We're always excited about our new arrivals; getting in a new brand is one of our favorite parts of the day and culminates in oohing and awwing over new yoga pants, prints and designs that feature amazing new ideas from the best yoga and workout clothing brands around. After all the processes of checking in the new merch, trying on, quality testing, photographing and putting up on the website we all have a pretty good idea just how amazing the new gear is and are extremely excited to share it with you. That is why we keep the newest stuff right at the top of the page so it is easy for you to see what is new and hot of the sewing machine. At least once a week, usually more frequently than that, we will update this section by adding a new brand or new style from an old favorite to our collection and moving those new items to the top of the page.    

Updated Monthly! Want to know a little bit more about the new brands we've added? Read this section for a deeper look into the newest yoga brands added monthly. Every month we will mention a few of the newest brands added to the Evolve "vault" so you know who to look for. We will let you know what they are best known for and worn for as well as their best-selling styles. We also highlight one of the new brands every month in the section below by going in depth into the fit, function and fashion represented by that brand, a little bit about their history and founders as well as what we personally like to wear them for. Check out the sections below to find out this month's new brands as well as our highlighted brand of the month! 

New Brands! We have been adding so many new brands lately we're going to have to back up a little bit to some brands we added earlier this fall. The brands we'd like to mention today are Gold Sheep Clothing, Karma Athletics, Puppies Make Me Happy, Waffle Haus and Blogilates Design. Let's take these one at a time, they are all so different! First and foremost we were so excited to add Goldsheep Clothing. We are highlighting Goldsheep this month in our special brand highlight below so scroll down to read more about this rad new brand to Evolve.

Karma Athletics is a Canadian based brand offering a more luxurious, red carpet style of workout wear. These luxe looks are perfect for wearing to workout and for the rest of the day, they look too good to take off.

Puppies Make Me Happy is pretty much exactly what you would think that might be. These are super soft tees with hilarious images of puppies working out, practicing yoga and being their silly adorable selves. It's basically your favorite Google image search on a t-shirt.

Waffle Haus is possibly our favorite graphic tee brand; their amazingly soft tees, tanks and pullovers come in the most flattering shapes and cuts and seem to speak our language. Check them out for a rad tee you'll never want to take off and that looks perfect with all of your printed yoga leggings.

Last but most certainly not least we were so stoked to hear that one of our all time favorite people ever, fitness expert Cassie Ho, was making her own Blogilates Designs yoga mats. As soon as they came available we grabbed a whole bunch of these drop-dead gorgeous yoga mats. I mean, seriously, only Cassie could make yoga mats this bright, fun and beautiful. As if we needed another reason to hop onto our mat every day. Check out each of these brands to see their amazing new styles and click over to their brand page to learn more. 

Brand Highlight of the Month: Goldsheep Clothing. This brand has been killing it for a while now with their mix of flirty and quirky fitness leggings made in Orange County, California. These leggings are stretchy, feature a comfortable second skin fit with a slightly thicker fabric and feature designs that will blow your mind. We were so stoked to start working with their amazing owner and designer Keri Wilson and partner with them to produce a couple Portland inspired prints to launch at the same time. Check out the Portland Bridges Legging and the PDX Carpet Legging to see these awesome collabs. With supportive fabric, lots of stretch and a nice quick dry we love wearing our Goldsheep leggings for just about anything from hot yoga to running. 

Hot New Styles to Look for: The style we would like to highlight this month is the Alo Yoga Moto Legging. Motorcycle inspired pants, jackets and leggings are one of the hottest trends this fall and Alo's take on the Moto is the BEST we have seen. Sleek pin-tuck detailing, their amazingly supportive fabric, a leg-lengthening fit combined with peeks of see-through mesh and glossy fabric? What more could your legs ever ask for? We are all dying over this legging and so are celebrities everywhere. Not only does it look amazing for any activity it also features Alo's performance fabric so you can take into the gym or onto the mat as well.  

How to Find the Perfect Size: Since we carry a wide selection of different brands each piece will fit differently from the next. We recommend using the individual size charts located on each product page when choosing your size. If you still have questions please feel free to call or chat with us for styling advice. We are more than happy to pull it off the shelve, measure and try on to help you find your perfect fit. 



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"I love evolve-every time I am super happy with my delivery and the clothes are always excellent quality and fit perfectly!!" - (via Reseller Ratings)

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New Arrivals

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