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Original Splash-Proof Pouch


Original Splash-Proof Pouch




Live aloha with the Original Splash-Proof Pouch in White from Aloha Collection. Featuring Aloha Collection's logo, this bag will have you spreading love wherever you go. This bag is available in Max size which is perfect for organizing your suitcase or taking to yoga class.

Each Aloha Collection splash-proof pouch is made of a durable, coated Tyvek® fabric. Keep your wet stuff separate from your dry stuff, or just use this bag to keep yourself organized on your next adventure. 

Get the Deets:

  • Max size Splash-Proof Pouch.
  • Zipper closure.
  • Max size dimensions: 14.5" x 2.5" x 11.5"
  • Perfect for gym clothes, organization, or beach essentials.
  • Coated Tyvek® fabric provides durability.

Why We Love: Perfect for beach trips or suitcase organization!
Fabric: 100% Coated Tyvek®
Care: Hand wash. Hang to dry.

evolve travel

Perfect to take traveling. Its comfy and doesn't wrinkle easily so you can throw it in the bag!

Size Chart

Aloha Collection Original Splash-Proof Pouch in White

Size Small Mid-Size Max
Dimensions 8 x 1.5 x 6.5 11.5 x 2 x 8.5 14.5 x 2.5 x 11.5

All dimensions are measured in inches.


Original Splash-Proof Pouch

Original Splash-Proof Pouch

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