LVR 3 Bird Nest Key Necklace

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The 3 Bird Nest Vintage Skeleton Key Necklace is stylish piece evocative of your mysterious past! Wear whenever you want to accessorize your indie, bohemian look.

Keep the key to your heart close at hand with this stylish 3 Bird Nest Vintage Skeleton Key Necklace! A truly vintage key hangs from upcycled leather. Now you have found the perfect fitting piece for your indie, bohemian or Steampunk look! Each piece is one of a kind and truly vintage so keys and leather will vary slightly. 3 Bird Nest creates charming and girly accessories for the modern woman with a desire for unique and new-edge looks. Everything has a hand-crafted quality and feel

Some things you should know:

20" Leather Neckace

Vintage, one of a kind, skeleton keys.

Upcycled Leather.

Why we love: Retro and elegant this vintage key necklace really sparks our fancy!



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Size Chart

20" Long Necklace.

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