Yoga practices, styles, and traditions differ variously, which means that there absolutely is something for everyone. As a yoga teacher, when I hear people say that they “can’t do yoga” or “hate yoga”, I usually back off my “yoga is the coconut oil of exercise” podium, and simply (usually quietly) say, “you haven’t found the right yoga…. yet”. This also rings true for your yoga leggings. You’d be surprised how wearing the wrong yoga clothing can disrupt your practice. Think about swimming in a t-shirt, this is the equivalent of wearing cotton blends to a hot yoga class. It is possible, but it definitely isn’t as much fun.To help you figure it all out we put together a beginner’s guide to the best leggings for your yoga specific practice!

What to Wear for Yin, Gentle, and Restorative Yoga Classes: 

Organic Clothing

(R2L: Synergy Clothing – Hannah Legging, Hyde Yoga – Kelly Crop,LVR – Crystal Washed Leggings, Saint Grace – Fold Over Legging, Purusha People – Mermaid III Legging)

Imagine yourself relaxing into a deep hip opener, the only thing that could make that moment all the more glorious is the feel of super soft fabrics like organic cotton and buttery soft cotton poly-blends. Brands like Hyde Yoga, Synergy Clothing, LVR Fashion and Purusha People all carry gorgeous organic cotton leggings that fit perfectly with your mellow yoga practices. Crops from Saint Grace feature one of the softest fabrics we’ve found on a legging, and fold over waistbands flatter and provide an extra layer of modesty when practicing.


 What to wear for Vinyasa & Hatha Yoga Classes:


(R2L: Alo Yoga – Goddess Legging, KiraGrace – Hibiscus Grace Tight, Jala – Cut Legging, Free People Movement – Road Runner Legging, Beyond Yoga – Essential Long Legging)

When you move supplex moves, and this is a must for all Vinyasa and Hatha classes which focus on connecting breath to movements and adjustments. The last thing you want to worry about in downdog is the sheerness of your leggings. In breathable, strong, sweat-wicking Supplex this is never a problem. We love the slight compression that these leggings add to your workout to keep you moving longer as you increase your strength and focus in your practice. The Goddess Leggings from Alo Yoga are one of our most popular leggings on the site with their leg-warmer look, awesome color blocking options, and an adjustable extra long inseam that works for leg-a-licious ladies and pretty petites. Leggings from KiraGrace and Free People Movement are perfect to flow in, and Beyond Yoga’s Essential Long Legging is that basic black legging that every yogi should have in their collection.

 What to Wear for Hot Yoga & SUP Yoga Classes:

Best Leggings For Yoga

(R2L: Jala – SUP Yoga Legging, Yoga Democracy – Dragonfly Night Legging, Electrix Love – Voltage Pant, Teeki – Mermaid Fairy Hot Pant, Onzie – Long Legging)

Whether you’re practicing your poses in 100+ degree classrooms or pulling off that handstand on a Stand Up Paddleboard one thing is for certain, at some point you’re going to end up soaking wet. These leggings, most made from recycled water bottles, have a dry time of 15mins. They can take the moisture and keep their lightweight second skin feel making them perfect for Hot Yoga and SUP Yoga. We love the Jala SUP Collection which is made for SUP yoga as it provides an extra layer of warmth in cold water, but also won’t weigh you down. Yoga Democracy, Teeki, and Elektrix are all made with an uber-lightweight recycled fabric that will keep you cool through your whole hot yoga practice, bonus is you can also swim in them which also makes them perfect for cold rivers and surfing on warm summer days. The Onzie Long Legging (featured in the main image in Chemistry, and here in best selling Peacock) was one of the first hot yoga leggings to hit the market, and with it’s great fit and stay put design they are perfect for hot yoga and SUP yoga.


If you ever have any questions about the best yoga leggings for your yoga practice don’t hesitate to give our all-start support team a call, email, or hop on chat. We’d love to help you find the best leggings for yoga.