Evolve Guide: Keep Calm for Election Day


Voting day is finally here! Somewhat anxious somewhat excited, many people share the same thoughts today as tomorrows outcome will impact the next 4 years of our country and lives. 

Election Day Anxiety

Instead of biting your nails all day (bad) here are our top 5 tips to de-stress yourself during the election day anxiety, and jot down these tips for other stressful days that may lie ahead.

GET IT DONE- throw on your comfortable yoga pants and get to the ballot office first thing this morning.The more you put it off the more anxiety you will cause yourself trying to “not-to-forget” to do it later. Once you mailed/ dropped off your ballot let it go and know  that you did your part, and is now of your control.

“JUST-SAY-NO” (to Caffeine)- its no surprise anything caffeinated (coffee, sodas, chocolate) puts your body on heightened alert. Especially today, during a high-stress day opt for herbal tea instead. You’ll be more relaxed and your adrenal system will thank you.

SHORT BRISK WALKS- even if you have no time during the day, take 10 minutes and go on a quick walk. When you are anxious about the day and your surroundings, its helpful to take a step back to put everything in perspective. Guaranteed your mind will be clearer, more focused and all-around more efficient.

BREATHING EXERCISES- no, not like a lamaze class. One of the most popular breathing exercises is the Breathing Exercises Can Calm AnxietyNadi Shuddhi Pranayama (Pranayama meaning extenstion of control of the breath). Sit meditation style. Use your thumb and index finger to cover one nostril at a time. Start with your right side, breath in 6 counts, hold 6 counts, breath out on your left side. Breath in on your left nostril, hold 6 counts, release on your right side. Try it for a minute or two, you will feel immediate calm and comfort. Confused? heres a quick video tutorial.

COMFY CLOTHING- dont be fidgety all day in uncomfortable clothes. We choose organic cotton lightweight and breathable layers and yoga tops so you can take on/off throughout the day as you get hot/ cold. When you are anxious about life, the last thing you need is to be “too hot” or “too cold”.

LAUGH LOTS- try for a belly laugh every day to calm your nerves and bring you back to a childlike state. Especially today find the humor in everything and take a minute to laugh with your friends about it.

Laughter Can Cure Anxiousness & Stress

GIVE YOURSELF A TREAT- that Halloween candy is haunting me and I’m sure all of you– but whatever you do don’t give in! You’ll feel more anxious now, and sluggish later. Instead, opt for something else that Healthy Food Makes You Feel Bettertickles your taste buds but also offers protein, nutrients or complex carbs. Some ideas? 1) FAGE yogurt drizzled with agave nectar 2) banana with some raw Almond Butter. 3) a delicious ripe tomato with sliced mozzarella with olive oil, and sprinkled with sea salt and fresh ground pepper… YUM!

Hope you integrate some of these tips throughout the day today. What other methods do you find to help alleviate stress and anxiety? Leave us a comment below.

Whichever candidate you are rooting for, make sure to turn in your ballot and make your vote count!