Sparkly Yoga Leggings: Bling in the New Year!

Sparkly Yoga Leggings | Evolve Fit Wear
Sparkly Yoga Leggings | Evolve Fit Wear

New Year’s Eve is too sparkly – said no one ever. We all love a little glitter in our lives, but when NYE rolls around its glitter EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE – and we’re not even mad about it. This year we’re not just going to bring the glitter – we’re going to BE the glitter in our sparkly yoga leggings! From low-key sparkle to can’t-miss-it sparkle, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite sparkly yoga leggings.


Sparkly Yoga Leggings: Can’t Miss Sparkle

Sparkly Yoga Leggings | Evolve Fit Wear

Our favorite head-turning sparkle leggings come from Emily Hsu, Katasana, and Purusha People. With metallic sparkly finishes these yoga leggings boast high shine that can’t be missed. Emily Hsu’s sparkly leggings feature a scale pattern, lending chic style for all you land mermaids out there. The sparkle leggings from Katasana feature an extra sparkly finish that will catch the light all night long! For sparkle you can wear with anything, try the Purusha People sparkly yoga leggings. With a black background and a silver cracked finish these leggings look great dressed up or down!


Sparkly Yoga Leggings: Low-key Sparkle

Sparkly Yoga Leggings | Evolve Fit Wear

Our favorite leggings for a more subtle approach to the sparkle trend are made by Evolve, Haute Body, and Koral Active. The sparkle legging from Evolve is a chic black legging with flecks of silver glitter throughout, boasting perfectly low-key shine that looks good any time of year. With panels of shiny silver fabric, and chic mesh panels, the leggings from Haute Body offer a sporty take on the trendy sparkle legging. The lustrous fabric from Koral Active boasts a leather-like look that you can dress up or down, for style all year long!


Sparkly Yoga Leggings: Not-so-sparkly Sparkle

Sparkly Yoga Leggings | Evolve Fit Wear

These leggings from Goldsheep and Terez don’t actually have a metallic finish but the glitter prints give the illusion without the fuss! Goldsheep boasts printed leggings, one with gold stars and one with a falling glitter pattern, that will keep you comfortable while giving the illusion of sparkle. The printed leggings from Terez feature a monochromatic glitter print that will go with pretty much anything, giving you an easy to wear version of sparkle leggings.

This New Year’s Eve, make sure to wear a little (or a lot) of sparkle wherever you go! Check out all of our sparkly yoga leggings and don’t forget to check out our new arrivals page for the latest activewear and yoga clothing!


Sara Rosario
Product Guru