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The Tree Kisser

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About the Brand: Jessica Schlueter, the creator and owner of The Tree Kisser, has a huge passion and love for animals, especially those without homes. Committed to giving back to these pets in need Jessica created The Tree Kisser to raise money for animal advocacy programs, shelters and organizations promoting the health, happiness and well-being of our furry friends. Each purchase generates a donation to one of these funds and you can see a list of Jessica's current charities here. Buy a cute and comfortable Tree Kisser top and know that somewhere, another pet is being helped by Jessica. 

Key Pieces to Look for: Dogs Before Dude's is possibly The Tree Kisser's best-selling style and really sums up how much those of us with a dog love our best friend. lf you have a dog and nothing else comes before them than this is the perfect tee for you. Don't fear cat lovers, you haven't been forgotten! Check out the Cat Lover Tee with a rad graphic that will have you and everyone around you smiling with appreciation for the clever (and true to life) message.

Where to Wear: The Tree Kisser makes relaxed tops and accessories that are ideal for casual situations like taking your best friend on a long hike, grabbing a latte at your favorite coffee spot or spending your weekend volunteering at a local shelter. These also make great tops for playing with your pets as they are easy to wash and are made for standing up to all the love and wear. 

Why We Love: Here at Evolve we all have a precious pet who has stolen our heart for good. From Brixton our office Frenchie to our dogs, cats, bunnies, chickens and horses it's easy to see why we share a passion for animals and their plight - just like The Tree Kisser. How fun is it to support a great cause and get a fun and comfy tee in the bargain?

Sizing Feedback: Tree Kisser runs large so if you prefer a tighter fit we recommend you size down. If you like the roomier, oversized fit stick with the size you normally order. If you have any additional sizing questions please contact us by phone, chat or email for more sizing info. We're happy to pull it off the shelf, measure and try on to help you find the perfect fit.

"I wear mine all the time!! So comfy- (via Instagram.com)
"Got mine today...love it! - (via Instagram.com)
"Wearing mine right now! Got it as a gift. Love it!- (via Instagram.com)
"Comfiest sweater EVER! I'll be wearing it all winter!- (via Instagram.com)
"there is not a more perfect shirt to describe me and my life" - (via Instagram.com)

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