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About the Brand: Based out of Vancouver BC, Karma Athletics offers runway style workout looks for the fashionably fit. Drawing their inspiration from fashion forward detailing, glamorous cuts and eye-catching prints. Worn by celebrities and loved by fitness devotees Karma will change your everyday blah workout into a runway worthy experience complete with spotlight and adoring fans. Just don't let your glam new self in the mirror distract you from the task at hand. Guided by karma, this focused athletic brand lives every day with intention, creating looks they have tested, worn and worked out in. Ensuring the end product is all that could asked for plus a little bit more.

Key Pieces to Look for: Karma is new to us and we are currently getting our feel for the brand. So far we have discovered an undying loyalty to their bra tops and sexy leggings. These catchy pieces not only up our performance in the gym or on the mat but the sheer figure flattery and undeniable allure of each line and detail causes us to hold our heads a little higher, keep our asanas a little straighter and put off changing out of these "workout clothes" a lot longer. With any brand that looks as sexy, flattering and fun to wear as Karma does, the inevitable question of performance always comes up. We can assure from direct experience, Karma sacrificed absolutely zero function when it came to creating their line. Everything features a comfortable, supportive fabric that holds your body in and supports your muscles as they work their hardest. The fabric is a silky, slighter thicker composition of Nylon and Spandex featuring essential elements of 4-way stretch and moisture wicking so you can move and stretch in any direction and keep sweat build-up to a minimum. 

Where to Wear: Karma Athletics was born for the yoga mat which also makes it perfect for Pilates, Barre and dance. You will also find yourself wearing your Karma pieces for spin, gym and heated workouts simply because these the fit and feel offered by Karma pieces is so incomparably above the competition. Feel your best and certainly look your best for any workout. We do want to caution you that these are luxury workout pieces and any outdoor workouts where you might come into contact with branches, pebbles, sand or dirt may adversely effect the long life of your garment. Karma is best worn for working out in the gym or a yoga studio and on neighborhood streets. 

Why We Love: Let us counts the ways! Karma is undeniably a brand for those who love high fashion and want to include it in every area of their lives. For us, fitness is our life and Karma offers the chance to look stunning with superior styling and figure enhancing designs that have us feeling like celebrities. Not only does Karma dress up our fitness looks but they also offer adorable cover ups like their San Suu Jacket and fashion forward detailing like the hip to ankle mesh on the Golda Tight. These looks ensure that we can transition easily from yoga to work to happy hour with the girls without any major wardrobe changes.  

Sizing Feedback: Karma runs true to size, for instance if you normally wear a size small - Karma's size small should fit you exactly right. If you have any additional sizing questions please contact us by phone, chat or email for more sizing info. We're happy to pull it off the shelf, measure and try on to help you find the perfect fit.

"Best. Bra. Ever. I absolutely love everything Karma makes! This bra in particular is supportive and has a higher neckline to prevent "spillage", especially in poses like downdog! The back is super sexy and is very flattering. I've had one now for 3 years and it's still like brand new! Please get more Karma in Evolve, they're the best Canadian yoga lifestyle brand!!" - (via Evolvefitwear.com)
"Best top ever!! - (via Instagram.com)
"I got this bra, chic n' comfy!- (via Instagram.com)
"You clothing line motivates me to work out more- (via Instagram.com)