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Why You So Meshy? If you are looking for the hottest trend in activewear, turn to mesh leggings and tops. These sexy styles are stealing the scene with perfectly designed mesh panels top to bottom. Well, not really top to bottom because then there wouldn't be anything left to the imagination! But some of these looks do push the limits of coverage with edgy, sexy mesh that wears from day to night. So whether you are looking for a tiny peek of mesh here and there to mix things up or a daring mesh cut-out from hip to heel we have the trendiest, highest quality and best performance activewear available from brands like Onzie, Popflex Active, Michi and more. 

Sweat It Out: Mesh panels are actually a sensible trend as they boost the breathability and quick dry of your workout wear. While revealing a peek of skin, most of the mesh panels featured on our mesh bottoms and tops are made with power mesh: a durable whisper thin fabric. Power mesh is incredibly stretchy, sexy and breathable! These panels enable your body to breathe fully in areas that are normally covered by fabric. And even though the fabric is so thin, it is made to stand up to all the wear and tear in any high impact workout or practice. Look for styles that place the mesh panels in high sweat zones like the sexy Terri Crop Bra from Varley that tells sweat build-up to take a hike. So feel free to work up a sweat, your mesh/quick dry gear can handle anything your workout and yoga practice throws back at you.

What's Hotter than Hot: Practicality isn't the only thing that thing that has mesh workout wear blowing up your Insta feed. Mesh is also an incredibly sexy trend, pulling design inspiration from classic lingerie looks to create the sexy, figure shaping looks you see here. A little reveal goes a long way towards turning heads and boosting your confidence every time you step onto the mat. Although the trend started with black, it is now expanding to include prints and brights so if you are not a fan of dark tones you can jump on the sexy mesh bandwagon too. And although mesh cutouts are revealing they are also one of the most figure-flattering styles we have seen, especially when paired with black. So no matter what shape or size, the mesh trend is perfect for feeling sexier and cuter all day long. 

Pick Your Fit: With the mesh look becoming so popular, a lot of our brands have offered their own take on the mesh legging trend. Tried and true brands like Onzie, Jala, and many many more have all designed their own mesh legging, or two. Some brands choose to focus more on the technicality of the mesh placement. Designing their leggings with the mesh panels featured in key sweat zones like behind the knee for example. Other brands have focused more on the aesthetic, creating daring mesh looks that wear from mat to mall without missing a beat. All these brands have designed the mesh panels to flatter your leg to the moon and back while keeping you fully covered in "all the right places". Shop our diverse collection of mesh bras, tanks, leggings, crops and more and let us know via phone, email or chat you have any fit, fabric or sizing questions. 


"great looking pants -- for yoga or date night. but they run big so order at least one size down unless you want them pulled high over your belly button! Love Laura - customer service at Evolve! :)- (via for the Alo Moto Legging)

"Comfortable; wearing well after washing and a lot of Barre3. Mesh panels are holding up well. Overall quality is good.- (via

"stylish trendy and a nice fabric high waist comfortable and long at the ankles- (via for the Rese Mia Legging)

"The fabric is different than I expected, but it feels nice when I try it on. I haven't worked out in them yet, but I'm hoping sweat won't show easily."  - (via for the Beyond Yoga Wave Mesh Legging)
"Radial mesh pattern is very flattering; Nina B. Rose, from her other leggings, does know how to enhance the booty. Sizing is a little odd since my thighs seem to make the mesh panels stretch out of their shape slightly (I went with an M; I'm a 6), but they slide on easily. Bottom cuff does not conform to leg, which I prefer, thus the knocked off star. Still awesome enough for my butt that I'm looking at getting her "Heart Butt" crop. A solid addition to my ever-expanding black gym wardrobe.- (via for the NBR Plank Mesh Legging)

"super comfy, great quality and perfect for hot yoga. What more could I ask for.- (via for the Onzie Track Legging)
"This sports bra is amazing. It is incredibly supportive, super flattering and so cute. I taught a high impact workout class in it-and it held up perfectly. Got tons of compliments. I'm usually an xsmall or small-and in this I went with the xsmall. Highly recommend!!- (via for the Varley Terri Crop Bra)