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What to Look for in Printed Yoga Mats: Printed yoga mats are one of the biggest new trends in yoga gear. We carry several different brands that feature unique prints and designs ranging from geometric patterns to dream catchers. Printed yoga mats are gorgeous, but will wear faster than a heavier duty yoga mat, so remember to buy mat spray and wipes to keep your mat looking its best!

Brands to Look Out For: Vagabond Goods makes cool bohemian yoga mats inspired from world textiles and travels. Yoga Design Lab has a great printed yoga mat that is a yoga towel and mat in one! This mat should last the longest out of our printed yoga mat rugs since the print is on a fabric like textile! 

Trending Now: We've seen a lot of beautiful floral and southwest inspired yoga mat rugs. We love this trend and think that it makes for a great surface that isn't too distracting during your practice. Another trend is using a yoga rug, the original type of mysore yoga mats were cloth, and these make for a surprisingly non-slip surface that allows for cool prints and weaves in the fabric.




La Vie Boheme Travel Yoga Rug: "Love this rug. Lightweight for travel but is great for daily practice as well. Would highly recommend. Beautiful colors. " (via

La Vie Boheme Travel Yoga Rug: "I love it. Super light weight. I often hike and want a meditation mat with me. This serves multipurpose!" (via

"Love the Design Lab Chevron yoga mat! It is absorbant and able to wash it!" (via

Yoga Design Lab Como Mat: "I've never left a review before, but I'm so happy with this... I've had a daily yoga practice for 15 years, and I'd despaired at finding an optimal solution to the mat problem. Nothing was ever quite right. This mat fires on every cylinder. The minute I finished practicing on it for the first time, I came back to amazon and bought the thicker version as well. Please never discontinue these! And make them in the blue sky print like the towel! Thank you!" (via

Vagabond Goods Sayulita Mat: "absolutely love it! It's so versatile and the design is striking. I take it to the beach as an alternative to a towel when I don't plan on swimming and/or want to create a sitting area for people above the sand. It always gets rave reviews. I also practice flow yoga on it regularly and love how thick & comfortable it is, especially in high tension poses like camel. Typical yogis - not many people ask me where I got the mat I own, but it's always an attention grabber and garners envious stares from others near by - which I kind of love. Get it! I promise that once you see it in person you'll understand the price and you won't regret it!" (via