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About the Brand: Uintah Collection was created in 2011 by friends, Heather and Janie, who grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah and met while working at a boutique together. After reuniting in New York years later, they realized they both had the same dream of creating their own collection. Inspired by a family history of entrepreneurs, and a strong connection to their home in Utah, Heather and Janie created Uintah Collection. Uintah is a collection of hot yoga shorts & leggings that embodies the natural, carefree side of beauty and fashion, with prints and colors inspired by their home state. Uintah Collection embraces the importance of being unique in an era of sameness, giving women a platform to be seen for their natural, one-of-a-kind beauty. Each piece from Uintah Collection is designed and made in the USA.

Where to Wear it: Uintah Collection's pieces are fashionable and functional, making them easy to wear practically anywhere. With full mesh tops, mesh inlays and cut design detailing on their bra tops, you can wear Uintah Collection's tops and bras to hot yoga, restorative yoga, pilates, or any sweaty workout session. Wear Uintah Collection's capris and leggings on your next day hike, bike ride, or to your next yoga class, for style and function that goes beyond the mat. With inspired prints and colors, you'll want to wear Uintah Collection's pieces on the street for a unique athleisure look you can wear to the coffee shop, farmer's market, and beyond.

Why We Love Them: We love the inspired prints and hues that Uintah Collection brings to the activewear industry. Uintah Collection embraces uniqueness and demonstrates this through their eclectic designs. We also love that each piece from Uintah Collection is designed and made in the USA, showing their loyalty to their roots and their interest in supporting their community.