About Brand:  YogiToes was founded in 2003 with the creation of their Skidless towel. This Skidless yoga mat towel has continued to allow yogis to move through their practice with ample sweat absorption and without fear of slipping or bunching of their towels. 

Key Pieces: The YogiToes Skidless Yoga Mat Towel is the piece to beat! Featuring patented non-slip rubber grip technology. This Skidless Mat Towel comes in a variety of colors and the collection is always changing. Another favorite of ours is the YogiToes Headband, which comes in a ton of fun colors, and is a great add-on to any order at about $5 a piece! 

Why We Love Them: YogiToes is dedicated to leaving their impact on the planet by leaving no impact. Each YogiTowel is made with a high composition of recycled materials, including recycled plastic, rubber, rice husk, and EVA foam. Their Signature rSkidless yoga towel is made with 50% recycled polyester, that's 8 recycled bottles if you're keeping track! According to YogiToes their towel line has saved 3.5 MILLION recycled plastic bottles from ending up in the landfill! Now that's something to write home about! ... of course on recycled paper! 

Note Worthy: YogiToes Skidless Towels need a little help getting started. A light misting of water before your practice will help your YogiToes Towel instantly adhere to your yoga mat! 


 "I love my yogitoes! It keeps me from slipping during hot yoga. I washed it twice like it said and the first time I added vinegar so the colors would stay bold--it worked!! The only thing I have had to adjust to is the wild print. At first it made balancing more difficult for me but now it's fine:) Worth the money!!" (via Amazon.com)

"I do Bikram yoga 5 or 6 days a week and I use this towel each time. I have the "springburst" pattern, which is pink tie-dye. The colors have not faded much despite the fact that I wash the towel almost every day. The silicon numbs on the bottom are great so that the towel sticks to the yoga mat. I prefer using a mat and towel as opposed to the Breathe yoga mat as I have noticed that those become ruched around the edges. This towel lays completely flat and is thin enough that it doesnt bunch under your feet during yoga. Also for those of us with OCD, the fact that it is perfectly sized for a yoga mat is quite pleasing. I plan on ordering another one in the near future, even though they are kind of expensive. I have only had the towel for two months, so my only concern at this point is how well it will hold up to repeated use in the long term." (via Amazon.com)

"I have purchased various mats in the past few months. This is my favorite. You can feel the quality in the thickness of the material and the durability. It has been washed every two days for the past two months and continues to look like new. It is a perfect size for my yoga mats. I have not found another comparable mat yet in terms of quality, useability and durability." (via Amazon.com)

"I recently started practicing hot yoga and after many horrible experiences with cheap mat towels purchased at discount stores, I was told about this mat. If i only knew that this mat was as good as it is, i'd never would have wasted my time and money buying others. My biggest issue was that the regular towels tend to wrinkle up during class and that made it a struggle to get thru it. Since I got this towel, i get no more wrinkles as this towel has tiny little bumps on the back that keep it from moving around. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Definitely a MUST! Its also easy to wash, just toss in machine and dryer." (via Amazon.com)