Donna Jo Review

Dona Jo Review

Dona Jo is the brainchild of two young entrepreneurs looking to change the world through their love of fitness and fashion. Husband and wife team, Ashley Ferraro and Raphael “Rapha” Costa came from very different backgrounds but share the same passion for workout wear, fitness, sports and healthy living. Together they have created a unique new brand that is experiencing instant recognition for their new approach to workout wear. Dona Jo launched in 2013 and has received immediate recognition and success for its unique line of yoga leggings and workout wear. Dona Jo leggings and tops are versatile workout wear that you can use for many different activites like hot yoga, spinning, running, dance and more. 

Here are 3 reasons why we love Dona Jo Fitwear. 1. Dona Jo leggings are comfortable and feature an amazing fit. With, smooth, buttery soft fabric and barely there seams your leggings can stay on all day without irritating, digging in, rubbing or chafing. 2. The prints and patterns are totally unique – we’ll be shocked if you see someone wearing the same print. Donajo sources their designs from Brazil (Rapha’s home country). Also they are constantly introducing new prints every month so you always have a fresh assortment to choose from. The patterns and fit are designed to enhance your assets and make you look and feel your best. The result? You’ll find yourself wearing these leggings for work, play and lounge! 3. The sizing is a revolutionary new way to wear clothing that includes almost every shape and size in its spectrum. Dona Jo makes two sizes of leggings. Size 1 fits women 0-8 and size 2, which fits women 10-16. The truly awesome feature of these leggings is that they look amazing on all of those different sizes. Want to learn more about the Dona Jo fit and feel? Read customer reviews and comments below to get a closer look.


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"My Dona Jo legging is perfect. Love the print, the fit and silky material. I wear for working out and for fun"
- Bella Thomes (via Reseller Ratings) 

"Great leggings from dona jo, fast shipping and the customer service was A++. Thanks!"
- Tanya Hope (via Reseller Ratings) 

"I was looking for a workout tight that didn't hurt me to squeeze into, I tried the Dona Jo JoJo legging in the Large size and it is so comfortable. I don't have to fell like I'm smushing my legs when I workout now. Great sizing."
- Lori Graves (via Reseller Ratings) 

"Needed some printed leggings for my trip and I bought a couple of the Dona jo leggings. Wow, the prints are so vibrant, I have washed and worn them several times now but they are still as bright and smooth. No pilling or fading. Highly recommend!"
- Della Hines (via Reseller Ratings)  

"International customer, first time shopper. Very impressed by the wide selection of brands, got to try many new brands that I never heard of like YogaGlyphs, Dona Jo and Liquido. Loved them all and will be back for more."
Meghan Holmes (via Reseller Ratings)

"I saw the peacock JoJo legging a looong time ago and really wanted it but waited for some reason. Went back to get it later and it was Gone!! I called customer service and they found one at another warehouse within two days and had it shipped to me immediatly. Thank you for going beyond! Love the leggings so much, next time I won't wait! :)"
- Leah Holt (via Reseller Ratings)


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