Dream Team

We’ve assembled some of the most awesome people to motivate, inspire, and help you meet all your fitness goals. These dreamers, movers, and shakers have been invited to be a part of our DreamTeam

  • kate swarm yoga teacher

    salem, or

    FITSPO: Kate teaches vinyasa, with an emphasis on a connection between body and breath in Salem, Portland, Phoenix and beyond. She has the opportunity to work, travel and teach at music festivals with Walter Yoga.

    Activewear Style: I want my activewear to look good, and feel even better great! I want fun designs, that I can wear in between teaching classes, and picking my daughter up from school. Clothes that are fun, funky, and have a little edge always speak to me. But, above everything else my activewear has to stretch, bend and move with me. No falling down, stretching out, wearing or tearing.

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  • Candace moore international yoga instructor & author


    FITSPO: Candace Moore is an international yoga instructor, author, and the creator of YogaByCandace.com, a yoga lifestyle company with a popular blog, YouTube channel and App.

    Activewear Style: I look for clothes I feel comfortable in. Gussets in pants. The perfect amount of stretch. A good amount of compression. Something that makes me feel great!

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  • gordon ogden yoga teacher

    phoenix, az

    FITSPO: In 2014 Gordon completed his 200-hour teacher certification with John Salisbury. Gordon’s classes provide a safe, fun and compassionate environment where students can use their breath, an open heart, and graceful movements to find their inner truth. It is Gordon’s hope that students leave feeling relaxed, revitalized, and at peace; carrying this amazing energy off the mat and into their daily lives.

    Activewear Style: I look for fit, and COLOR

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  • erin salvetti creator of living lately

    sacramento, ca

    FITSPO: Erin created her blog, Living Lately, with the purpose to encourage others to live their most vibrant life through fitness & fashion. She created a Barre Workout (Barre Connect) that is an effective fusion of yoga, Pilates and dance inspired toning movements. She uses her extensive knowledge to mentor instructors from all over the globe and teaches at a health club.

    Activewear Style: It has to be functional, comfortable and of course cute. I love creative patterns and unexpected details. I pretty much live in my active wear so I love taking a little bit of risk with my outfits, like mixing stripes with florals or color-blocking and just have fun with it.

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  • allie flavoio Yoga Instructor & blogger

    st petersburg, fl

    FITSPO: Acceptance & Gratitude - period. Allie teachs to honor yourself right where you are, be grateful that your heart is beating, and always strive to make space within your body and life, to then invite growth and change into your life.

    Activewear Style: I look for an exceptional fit, functionality, and design. I want my clothing to move with me, to support me in whatever activity I'm pursuing, and to look damn good while I'm doing it!

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  • Clarissa Thompson Ashtanga Yoga Instructor

    Rock Island, IL

    FITSPO: An Ashtanga Yoga Instructor influenced by the wholeness it provides to practitioners. Clarissa has a passion for teaching a variety of flows that inspire her students.

    Activewear Style: I need active wear that moves with me and not against me. I like material that dries fast and provides a high quality stretch for my practice. I try to be on my mat in some capacity 5-6 days a week and since I spend so much time bending and twisting I like to do it in clothing that is colorful and fun!

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  • Jillian Frein creator of like a girl fitness

    waxhaw, nc

    FITSPO: Choose to shine. Shine brighter. #SHINEEVERYDAMNDAY

    Activewear Style: I'm looking for anything bright, different and fun! :) The lighter the clothing the better! My usual workout outfit consists of leggings and a sports bra!

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  • brittany rowley spin instructor & blogger

    costa mesa, ca

    FITSPO: Brittany believes in pushing her riders to their personal limit, to tear down the walls they've built, push past their fear, and step foot into somewhere they've never been before. She believes this is how we grow and evolve into the people we've always dreamt of being.

    Activewear Style: I look for style and comfort in active wear. I want functional, feel good material with a design that makes me feel good wearing it.

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  • haley wakefield fitness advocate

    east lansing, mi

    FITSPO: Haley was born with scoliosis and uses it as motivation to hit her fitness goals and inspire others, rather than use it as an excuse. Becoming passionate about health and fitness has allowed her to not only be proud of her physical changes, but also the mental positive changes. She believes setting a goal, sticking to your word, and hitting that goal is the best feeling in the world.

    Activewear Style: With activewear I look for style and comfort. Also that they run a bit small because I'm only 4'11!

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  • vanessa fraser yoga advocate

    telkwa, british columbia

    FITSPO: Vanessa started yoga in 2012 after the birth of her son. Since then she has been dedicated to sharing yoga and inspiring others to step onto their mat. She practices Ashtanga Yoga and sometimes adding a bit of a Vinyasa touch to it.

    Activewear Style: My style revolves aground comfort, out-there / edgy colours/prints. I look for activewear that is functional, comfortable, and that will last through many yoga sessions.

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  • ellyn ferriter fitness instructor

    albany, new york

    FITSPO: Ellyn is a certified group fitness instructor and health educator living in upstate New York. She teaches high energy group strength training classes at Vent Fitness in Guilderland, NY and at the Guilderland YMCA. She also teaches small-group strength training classes at Free Style Fitness & Yoga Center in Albany.

    Activewear Style: Since I am a fitness instructor, I am constantly moving around, jumping, running, bending and twisting with my classes, so I look for fitness apparel that is first and foremost: comfortable. And of course, the clothing has to be cute! I go for the more classic looks like color blocking and also some bright patterned leggings to add some fun into the mix.

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