We are very particular on who we approve on Share A Sale,and we think you will be a great fit with us. Looking forward to building this together!

Please note: if no sales occur in 6 month timeframe we may remove you from the program. If for any reason your website 


or marketing channel is not live, please reach out and let us know beforehand so we can pause your account until it is live.


1) Coupons- we always have coupons avail that may entice your shoppers. Please visit our coupon assortment for an up-to-date listing of the coupons that are available

2) Datafeed- our datafeed is updated daily, please use it to integrate our products onto your website? If you want a list of our current bestselling items please email:

3) Banners- our graphic design team has created banners avail to use, if you want something specific please email:

4) We'll send out weekly newsletters with best-sellers, new arrivals and any current promotions

Let us know how we can help you launch your program with us! 

Evolve Fit Wear

Phone: 888-708-5585


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