YogiWheel Lotus Printed YogiWheel


Bring fresh inspiration to your practice with the new Printed YogiWheel! Featuring a serene Lotus print, this YogiWheel will bring a tranquil vibe to your next yoga session. Handcrafted to help you deepen your yoga practice, the YogiWheel opens your back, when combined with certain yoga poses, and gives you a stretch you couldn't imagine. Use the YogiWheel to help relieve minor back aches, open your back, and to explore variations of common yoga poses.

Get the Deets: 

  • Basic size, great for both beginning yogis and experienced practitioners.
  • Offers a deep front stretch. 
  • Opens the entire back and shoulders. 
  • Can align the spine. 
  • Can help relax muscles. 
  • Can expand the chest.
  • Stretches hip flexers and quadriceps. 
  • Can help with back pain and injuries. 
  • Comfortable rubbery exterior that is soft and easy on your back and joints.
  • Beautiful Lotus print.
  • Holds up approx. 270 pounds. 
  • Ideal for yoga and back stretching. 

Care: Spot clean only. 

Customer Reviews

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Very nice addition to the Practice

I have added this to whenever I practice and I am not the most flexible person, but this wheel helps me get deeper in to postures. I cannot wait to practice inversions on it.