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Organic Yoga Clothing


Organic & Recycled: Organic clothing is comfy, soft and normally features relaxed silhouettes that are great for low intensity yoga, comfortable travel wear and of course stylish lifestyle wear. Recycled fabric is an exciting new development in clothing that recycles the plastic water bottles filling our landfills and oceans and turns them into high performance sweat wear as exampled on the best-selling Teeki leggings. As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting companies and brands that do better for the world we are proud to bring you some great yoga pants and tops that feature organic cotton or recycled fabrics. Browse our favorite brands that make their yoga and workout clothing better for your skin and better for the earth with certified organic fabrics or hi-tech recycled polyester and P.E.T. We are also happy to announce a new G.O.T.S certified brand has been added to the mix - Synergy Yoga offers fun and unique yoga wear with a multi-cultural influence that truly sets it apart from the crowd. We at Evolve Fit Wear love to support and partner with those who are committed to a healthier planet and a healthier lifestyle. Buying organic or recycled yoga clothing not only supports a healthier world but also feels soooo soft that you’ll never want to go back!

Be Kind to Your Skin: Treat your skin to a whole better experience with our collection of organic clothing. Featuring buttery soft fabrics like bamboo, combed cotton, french terry and more, brands like Hyde, LVR Fashion, Synergy and Green Apple offer a whole new level of comfort. Yoga clothing is one of the most comfortable styles of clothing around and these brands up that comfort with lightweight fabrics, gracefully draped cuts and breathable, roomy designs that leave you free to breathe and go about your day in total ease. These brands don't restrict their styles to yoga clothing either, you can wear their versatile pieces for everyday, travel, lounge and vacation wear too. In fact, Green Apple yoga pants wear all day, everyday. All of these brands also use healthy, chemical free dyes to ensure that your skin gets the best treatment possible and that nothing harmful is transferring into your skin while you sweat. 

Saving the Planet, One Yoga Pant at a Time: These pants are out to save our planet from the horrible fate of drowning in non-biodegradable plastics. A Teeki yoga pants recycles 25 bottles. So every time you purchase a top or bottom from one of these brands you will be helping to save our planet and reduce your carbon footprint with an amazing impact. Shop Teeki, Zuvi, Together California and Stelari for brands who use recycled P.E.T. in each and every piece. Also take a look at brands like Cozy Orange and Jala Clothing who are expanding their eco-friendly and sustainable practices by offering select styles in recycled polyester. Something that you may not know about recycled P.E.T. is that it is an incredibly high performance fabric. This amazing fabric offers incredible support, a second skin fit as well as the quickest dry around. Seriously, they'll be dry in under 20 minutes and feel as if you never worked out. These styles are perfect for hot yoga as well as any heated studio class or high sweat exercise. 

Pick Your Fit: So whether you are looking for soft organic clothing to kick back in or a high performance legging to meet your needs on the mat, our Evolve Team is committed to curating a growing and constantly evolving collection featuring the best organic and eco-friendly clothing brands. Have more questions about the fit, function and fashion of the styles you see here? Give us a call, send an email or hop on our friendly chat service. We are happy to help you find exactly what you are looking for and provide deeper insight to each brand and style. 


"I am 100% happy with this purchase. They are exactly what I was looking for: stylish, comfortable, non see through, long, and versatile. I am almost 5'8, ~135 lbs & I purchased a size M....the fit is great! If you are thinking about purchasing these leggings, do will not regret it! :)- (via

"Size up!!! Asana Bra was too small and a bit stiff in size small, I exchanged it for a size medium which after wearing twice fits perfectly and feels so good, I love it.- (via

"Teeki home run. i am in love with teeki to begin with but the deer medicine is by far one of my favorites. So versatile. I get compliments every time I wear. And as always crazy super fast shipping with evolve and stellar customer service. Will always give top priority to this site when they have the item I'm looking for. big love beauties!- (via

"These are so flattering and comfy. And as always, you folks at Evolve Fit Wear are super awesome.- (via

"Although i would never wear these for hot yoga (the material is too thick, it will make you too hot) I do love my Omgirl for kicking around the house and my hatha practice" - (via

"Teeki hot pants. These are fantastic! I can move in my yoga classes more freely and they are super comfortable to wear. They wash and wear really well and the design is great.- (via
"Omgirl is fabulous! Love this very well made secure yoga top with well done embroidered logo!- (via

"I love these pants! These are the most comfortable pair of yoga pants I've ever worn! They fit true to size. I'm 5'9 and 155 and a medium fits great. These pants feel so good next to your skin. They look real small when you take them out of the package. I think that your weight could fluctuate a bit and they'd still fit. These are high quality pants at a great price!- (via
"I love teeki yoga leggings! I must have 20 pairs of them! These pants are so cute. The prints are beautiful. I get a lot of compliments! Highly recommend- (via