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Printed Legging Mania: Your heart may be racing and this may be the most excited you've been since Spanx was invented but don't get overwhelmed. This is your guide to navigating our immense collection of workout leggings and yoga pants. Whether you love working out in your local gym or instagraming yoga poses in the park, we have the perfect yoga leggings to empower and brighten your practice. Shop from brands like Beyond Yoga, Onzie, Teeki, Liquido, and Flexi Lexi for every type of yoga practice and workout. Whether you need a stretchy legging for hot yoga or a high waisted legging to feel supported all day, you are sure to find your perfect fit and print in our one of a kind collection.

Styling Your Practice: You've got "individualistic" written all over you. Use printed leggings to express yourself and enhance your wardrobe. With such a large collection of yoga leggings and capris anyone and everyone can find the style perfect for their practice. Each legging is tailored to meet a specific need and everything is designed with figure flattery in mind. Yoga is not only a workout but an expression of evolving personality and character as you grow your practice day by day. Yoga leggings represent just one of the ways we can express ourselves on the mat. So find a print, color or design that speaks to who you are, that you'd be proud to wear as you deepen your practice and work towards your goals. 

How to Choose: First, think about your workout needs. Do you practice hot yoga or other high sweat workouts? Then, look for our moisture wicking styles with quick dry technology. These will help keep you feeling cool, fresh, and dry throughout your workout. We carry a wide selection of full length leggings that offer the coverage you want and the performance you need for a tough workout. You can usually identify these leggings at glance by their silky, second skin fit and lightweight material. Some of our favorite brands to wear for hot yoga are Onzie, Teeki, Goldsheep, and Emily Hsu Designs. All of these brands feature lightweight fabric with stay put coverage and speedy quick dry so you move can on quickly with your day. 

How to Find the Perfect Size: Since we carry a wide selection of different brands each piece will fit differently from the next. We recommend using the individual size charts located on each product page when choosing your size. If you still have questions please feel free to call or chat with us for styling advice. We have worn all of these brands and are happy to share our take on the fit and feel of any given product. 



"Shimmery black tights. These are fabulous. When I first took them out of the packaging, I thought they might be too short, but Nope. They fit perfect and are oh so cute!" - (via Evolvefitwear.com)

"Good fit. this is my first pair of onzie leggings and i will be buying many more. the fit is good, not too stretchy; holds everything in does not stretch out. material dries very quickly as advertised and is very easy to come off(in the shower), which is great." - (via Evolvefitwear.com)

"LOVE. These are amazingly flattering, comfortable and spunky!" - (via Evolvefitwear.com)

"Love. super comfy, great quality and perfect for hot yoga. What more could I ask for." - (via Evolvefitwear.com)

"Carpet pants? YES PLEASE. I have traveled to Portland a few times and I definitely participated in the cliche picture-taking of shoes on the famous carpet. I was sad to hear the carpet got replaced, but I am super happy these leggings exist. Love the bright color and the long waistband. Supportive and adorable!" - (via Evolvefitwear.com)

"These fit so well and aren't opaque at all. Perfect amount of thickness! Absolutely love this brand and shopping with Evolve." - (via Evolvefitwear.com)