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Hugger Mugger

4 Items

  1. Mexican Meditation Blanket
  2. Hugger Mugger Tapas Ultra Yoga Mat Hugger Mugger Tapas Ultra Yoga Mat
  3. Hugger Mugger Tapas Original Yoga Mat Hugger Mugger Tapas Original Yoga Mat
  4. Hugger Mugger Solid Standard Bolster Hugger Mugger Solid Standard Bolster

4 Items

About Brand:  Hugger Mugger is one of the oldest standing yoga supply companies around. Started in 1986, by Sara Chambers, a custom furniture builder who was also an avid yoga practitioner, Sara saw a developing market for consistant and reliable props in a workshop she attended. Sara first created the Hugger Mugger Cotton Yoga Strap and a pair of shorts that featured elastic at the bottom of the legs to ensure that no freak flashing would occur during wide-legged poses or inversions. Requests for Sara's new props flew in, and changed Sara's direction. From bolsters to yoga exercise balls to mat bags, Hugger Mugger now carries a wide variety of everything you'd need for your yoga practice. Hugger Mugger's dedication to using envionrmentally friendly products is apparent in their abstention of PVC, heavy metals, and phthalates, and commitment to using organic cotton, organic buckwheat in their Zafu Meditations Pillows, sustainable cork in their blocks, and natural and recycled rubber in their yoga mats. 

Key Pieces: The Batik Mat Bag is one of our best sellers, at an uber reasonable price and cool fabrics with enough room to throw in a few extra goodies with your yoga mat! Another must have are the Hugger Mugger Foam Rollers which are perfect for rolling out tight muscles and myofacial tissue release. 

Why We Love Them: Hugger Mugger offers super affordable yoga props that will bring your yoga pracitice into alighnment. Made with the utmost attention to detail and eco-conscious methods of production, you can feel good knowing that Hugger Mugger is a company that will stand behind it's products.

Note Worthy: Hugger Mugger Yoga Mats are non-returnable if removed from original packaging. Please note that items of a certain weight will incur an $8 shipping cost that is automatically added to the product when put in your cart. 

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 "As an avid yoga student and beginning instructor, I find I like to spend some time on my own practicing restorative yoga. I own two Hugger Mugger Standard Bolsters, and I can not praise their quality and usefulness enough. These bolsters are firm and respond well to use without losing their shape. They possess enough "give" to be comfortable but enough firmness to fully support restorative poses." (via Amazon.com)
"I am a yoga teacher and long time practitioner. This is the best, stickiest, perfect mat, for all levels from beginners to advanced. As with all brand new mats fresh out of the package, there is usually a slight oilyness/slickness to the surface from the manufacturing process. Be patient, rinse mat with water (no soap) after each practice and within a few sessions you will get to the nice sticky layer. I take hot yoga classes and sweat like crazy. Of course it gets more slippery as it gets wetter from sweat, but so will any mat. The tapas is much better under those conditions than any other mat I've ever tried, including the ridiculous $90 manduka designer yoga mats, such nonsense! Don't buy into that stuff." (via Amazon.com)
"If you're looking for a great, basic sticky mat, this is the one to get. After a year of use, mine still has that nice peeling sound when I unroll it before class. Plenty of grip as long as you stay dry. I wouldn't recommend this mat for a hot yoga class, but then, if you're taking one, you probably already know how slick sticky mats get when a bit of sweat and just the right angular momentum are applied. All in all, a solid first yoga mat. Enjoy, and remember to breathe." (via Amazon.com)
"I had to replace my old yoga strap because my young dog chewed through it. The old one had a plastic buckle on it which was ok but not my favorite. I'd used these metal rings on the straps in yoga class, and liked them there, so I thought I would try this one. I'm very happy I did. It's easy to tighten down and loosen up quickly. The strap is very heavy, thick material. A little stiffer and rougher than I'd like but super sturdy. I'm short but with long legs so the 6' length is perfect for me. The colors are pleasing. Very happy with my purchase overall." (via Amazon.com)
"This is a really nice zafu, and a great price. Initially it was a little too tall and hard to be comfortable for me, but because it has a zipper I removed some of the buckwheat hulls (I'm saving them in case I need to re-stuff later) and now it is perfect. With many zafus that you'll find on the internet you have to pay extra to have a zipper put in, and the product itself is more expensive to begin with. I strongly recommend this product for price, quality, and the ability to modify the amount of stuffing to make it exactly the height and softness that is comfortable for you."  (via Amazon.com)
"The Hugger Mugger Zafu is a well constructed providing a firm and stable seat for your meditation or yogic practice. The buck wheat filling can be adjusted for a customized fit to match your comfort level. It is an excellent choice for portable or additional seating. The sturdy handle makes it convenient while traveling and the canvas cover cleans easily. I have been extremely pleased with the utility, durability, and pleasing appearance of this Zafu and recommend highly." (via Amazon.com)

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