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  1. Manduka Libertine Bralette Manduka Libertine Bralette
  2. Manduka Eko Cotton Cross Back Bra Manduka Eko Cotton Cross Back Bra
  3. Manduka Organic Tank Manduka Organic Tank
  4. Manduka Now Pant Manduka Now Pant
  5. Manduka eKo Lite Mat Manduka eKo Lite Mat
  6. Manduka PROlite Mat 71
  7. Manduka Batik Plaid Skidless Yoga Mat Towel Manduka Batik Plaid Skidless Yoga Mat Towel
  8. Manduka eKO SuperLite Travel Mat Manduka eKO SuperLite Travel Mat
  9. Manduka Manduka Black Mat Pro Manduka Manduka Black Mat Pro
  10. Manduka Breathe Easy Yoga Mat Carrier Manduka Breathe Easy Yoga Mat Carrier
  11. Manduka Go Light 3.0 Yoga Mat Carrier
  12. Manduka Cotton Yoga Strap - 8' Manduka Cotton Yoga Strap - 8'
  13. Manduka eQua Yoga Towel
  14. Manduka eQua Yoga Towel
  15. Manduka Now Short Manduka Now Short
  16. Manduka Freeform Tote Bag
  17. Manduka eQua Yoga Towel

17 Items

What to Look for in Yoga Mats Brands: Yoga mat brands are so different these days it can be hard to know which yoga mat is for you. If you practice mysore style you might be more inclined to look for a yoga rug from La Vie Boheme or Hugger Mugger. Hot Yogis take note of Yoga Design Lab's yoga towel combo mat. Printed mats are a great go-to for the yogini who wants more than a solid colored yoga mat. Manduka and Jade make yoga mats from natural rubber. These mats made from renewable resources are perfect for green yogis.

Brands to Look Out For: All our yoga mat brands make high quality yoga mats. Manduka's Black mat PRO is a go-to for many serious yoga teachers and students. This mat is also gauranteed for life, making it a super smart high quality buy. 

Trending Now: Brands like Vagabond Goods, La Vie Boheme, and Blogilates Designs have awesome printed yoga mats which is the latest trend to pop up in the yoga world. If you are a hot yogi who loves the look of printed yoga mats, but worries about sliding on them, we recommend getting a Yoga Design Lab Two in One combo mat which comes in amazingly beautiful colors and prints and elliminates the need for packing a towel and a mat to class! 




Manduka PROlite Yoga Mat: "i bought this mat in the hopes of enjoying the benefits of the high density "black mat" made by manduka without the bulkiness of that mat. first of all, either of the manduka mats is far better than the versions other companies have produced in response to the mat's popularity. there is not the heavy industrial smell to the mat that can get in the air, your clothes, and skin. their density makes it far and away a completely different experience than the typical yoga mat. they are more stable and cushion without being squishy. they are very sturdy and resilient and will last a long time, so your yoga mats will not end up littering the environment over time. between the two manduka mats, i favor this one because it is much easier to transport and store and i do not notice any loss of comfort from the slight difference in thickness (3/16" instead of 1/4"). if you are taller or heavier than average, do very vigorous yoga workouts, or have particularly sensitive joints, you might prefer the manduka black mat, particularly as it comes in an extra long style. but i found this mat at least as stable (perhaps more so), and more versatile, just the thing for a secure and comfortable support for yoga. another option in using this mat is to lay a cotton yoga rug on top of it. the cotton absorbs sweat and can be washed easily, so your mat will last even longer and you get a more natural feel against the skin during practice. cotton rugs are the traditional support for yoga, particularly ashtanga, and this mat and rug combination is often recommended by fine teachers as the best way to get the best of both worlds." (via Amazon.com)

Hugger Mugger Cotton Yoga Rug: "Always wanted to give the yoga rug a shot. I practice a lot of Ashtanga Yoga, and was tired of getting my feet stuck on my vinyasa's. This thing feels so much better on my skin than a regular mat. Be warned, however, that it is (obviously) less sticky, and your more challenging poses will be made that much harder. Also, rugs have almost zero padding, and take some getting used to for poses that put lots of pressure on shoulders, neck, and head. Be careful. I use a 3 mm mat underneath my rug when I know I'll be upside down." (via Amazon.com)

Gaiam Sol Dry Grip Yoga Mat: "I should write reviews more often since I rely upon them here for my purchases... anyway, after so many dollars spent and mats purchased, this is THE ONE. I could not possibly recommend this mat more highly. My entire life I've had very sweaty hands and feet. I have purchased cheap mats, middle of the road mats, and expensive/top of the line mats (Manduka) as well as toesox and gloves. Nothing works and I slide. I have been using this mat for about two weeks and I want to scream from the hilltops - I'm nailing my poses because I'm not slowly sliding out of them! LOVE <3 LOVE <3 LOVE <3 My only request is that Gaiam make it in a larger size since I love to totally spread out in savasana! Regardless, I am so very grateful for this mat that has taken my beloved yoga practice into perfection." (via Amazon.com)

Jade Yoga Mats: "I don't know if old age hit me or what... but after years of practicing yoga I suddenly started sweating more than usual - slipping and sliding all over my old trusty generic yoga mat. After weeks of research I decided to purchase this mat based on reviews and price. And the outcome of this purchase? Slippage no more!!! Downward-facing dog no longer terrifies me. Great price and does the trick!! Highly recommend this mat to everyone with sweaty palms :)" (via Amazon.com)




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