About Brand: Created by Peter Sterios, an architect turned yogi, manduka mats are amazingly engineered and guaranteed to last a lifetime. Manduka mats are made from natural rubber and other sustainable resources. With a subtle fabric like weave on the top and a special bottom that allows the mat to slightly adhere to the floor, the days of yoga mats and yogis sliding around during their practice is gone. Manduka makes a variety of products from mats to water bottles to gym bags that are all super high quality.

Key Pieces: The Manduka Black Mat Pro is one heck of a yoga mat. Featuring extra thickness and length it is designed for yogis of every size and stature. Their PROlite 71" Mat is the gold standard for yoga mats and comes in a variety of cool colors! Their eKO SuperLite Travel Mat folds and rolls making it a great mat to grab with you when traveling or to throw on top of studio rental mats.

Why We Love Them: Manduka realizes that when you're a large scale yoga mat producer you have an opportunity to pioneer the eco-sustainable practices that you use i your manufacturing process. Always on the look out for new sustainable materials, and refining their current practices, Manduka has become a leader in how large companies selling yoga products keep aligned with principles in yoga.



 "The ladies at Evolve are wonderful. They always have the latest product and the service is great." (via Evolvefitwear.com)

"I bought this mat to take on a bicycle tour of Italy. I loved that I could fold it up and put it in my bad without adding too much weight. It is by far one of the stickiest mats I've ever used! Now that I'm home I'm still using it over an old mat I bought at Target. I love it, and the periwinkle color is so pretty!" (via Evolvefitwear.com)

"I'm a tall man who's pretty strong so mat "weight" isn't an issue at all but I wanted something good and durable as I have a daily Yoga practice which involves some heated sessions. This mat is definitely awesome - it's durable, it has a lifetime warrantee, and it works well. I've used it with and without the eQua towel it came with. The towel is great (you must wet it at the beginning of your practice though), there's absolutely no slippage once you dampen it, and the only drawback is hauling around this mat accessory. Recently I stopped using the towel, following suit of my Yoga instructors, each of whom don't use one, and I've not had any issues (and I like not having a towel to worry about).

The most important thing is the mat break-in process. The mat is slippery upon delivery. I didn't mess around after reading negative reviews of this mat, I realized I had to break it in "seriously," the first time... I didn't want this to be a long drawn out process. So I used a brand new sponge with a scrubber side, lots of sea salt, and a generous amount of Simple Green concentrate. I scrubbed the heck out of this thing using the salt as an extra abrasive even under the scrubber side of a sponge and the weight of my upper body. When I was tired, I scrubbed some more! After about 40 minutes (I was watching TV while doing this), I then rinsed and did the process again... and with a final rinse in the shower I laid it out to dry. The surface was MUCH tackier after this. No slippage at all except when my hands are crazy sweaty (but that's normal for all mats). I like this mat a lot and if you do the break-in process as I have described, I suspect you will too.

Honestly, all my yoga instructors use this mat. They weren't given them for free (I asked), and some of them are from out of the area so it's not like there's a Manduka conspiracy... no these mats are indeed the best." (via Amazon.com)



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