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3 Items

About Brand:  Chad Turner's vision for Yoga Design Lab came from a yoga retreat in Bali. Looking around the room, Chad noticed the monotony of all the humdrum yoga mats. From here he decided to seek out creating unique high quality printed mats that are designed for aesthetic and performance. Blending fashion-forward design elements with innovative functionality and bio-renewable consciousness is key to the Yoga Design Lab approach. From insulated stainless steel water bottles (reduce your use of plastic water bottles please!), to hot yoga mats comprised of biodegradable natural tree rubber, to the water based inks used in the beautiful printed designs, we can all make a difference with the products we buy. 

Key Pieces: Yoga Design Lab Combo Yoga Mats feature a high quality natural rubber yoga mat with a yoga towel built into the surface of the mat. These mats have become a personal favorite and a customer favorite. Perfectly designed for hot yogis or the yogi who happens to sweat a little more during their practice. 

Why We Love Them: Yoga Design Lab's prints are so unique and beautiful ranging from cool geometric shapes and patterns to gorgeous landscapes and nature inspired art. We hadn't seen anything like it when we brought them into Evolve. The feel of their towels and yoga mats are excellent and provide a great non-slip surface throughout your hot yoga routine. The ability to throw the whole mat in a washing machine might be our favorite part though! Naturally we love Yoga Design Lab's commitment to the environment through their production and their give back programs.

Note Worthy: If you find yourself slipping on your mat or towel, we recommend a light mist of water sprayed over the mat or on your hands and feet. Due to the uniqueness of the mat/towel combo, it is designed to absorb which aids in creating a non-slip surface. Please also note that yoga mats that have been removed from their original packaging are non-returnable.




 " Love the Design Lab Chevron yoga mat! It is absorbant and able to wash it!" (via Evolvefitwear.com)
"This is THE BEST hot yoga mat towel hands down!! Bought another one just now. It is like a sham wow but better! I have been practicing hot yoga for 10 years and have been plagued with the slipping hands and sliding feet. I've tried so many different products, including resin to stop slipping. This is as close to perfection as you can get for hot yoga. I don't even need to dampen it beforehand. Just the sweat from my hands is enough. I've been able to deepen my practice and poses. Super light weight. Packs down small. Dries quickly. No smell. Beautiful colors! Oh yeah and the price! Way cheaper than yogitoes! Thank you Yoga Design Lab! Please make more colors! " (via Amazon.com)
"As a part time sweaty yogi, this hot yoga towel is a life saver. Sure, funky colours are what caught my eye, but this towel is more than a pretty face. The absorbent material seems to suck up the sweat as quickly as it beads off of me, and I'm a pro at sweating. It also does a great job of sticking with my mat and providing a great base for poses and movement." (via Amazon.com)
"i love this mat. it's definitely on the thinner side than what some like to use for yoga, but i actually like that about it.. i'm not relying on the padding to soften my flow. i get tons of compliments on the look and design. it's a little tougher to use if you're not practicing Hot Yoga, but my cold water bottle sweats from the heat we make in our class so i usually run my hands on that to get some water on my palms and that'll them from slipping on the soft material. I'm happy with my purchase and wouldn't trade it. the cleanability is a definite plus too!" (via Amazon.com)
"This mat was recommended by several friends and after getting it I quickly realized why. This mat is the perfect weight, not too heavy not too light. It won't move around on you during your sessions. The top is as soft as an expensive pillow and the material grips really well to your hands and feet even if you sweat like crazy. It comes with a strap to carry it and rolls up to be much smaller than my others. Finally a mat that is super comfortable and light! Awesome design, can't wait to see what else you come out with." (via Amazon.com)
"Used the mat within an hour of getting the package I was so excited. I did notice the "rubber smell" other reviews mentioned. It dissapears, I didn't let it bother me. I was happy with the feel and performance of the mat. Has a nice heavy feel and lays nicely. I always used a towel before and now is no longer necessary, no slipping on the mat no matter what! My favorite mat I have ever used! Love that its Eco friendly too." (via Amazon.com)

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