Yoga Zeal

About Brand: Made to inspire, Yoga Zeal creates mats and towels with exhilirating graphics that upgrade your practice with style and performance. Each mat from Yoga Zeal is a combo mat/towel that absorbs sweat while giving you a non-slip surface to practice. Yoga Zeal's collection of yoga towels offer an absorbant, non-slip surface for yogi's who prefer a towel over their current mat. Each mat and towel from Yoga Zeal is machine washable, offering easy care for your yogi lifestyle. Add style to your practice with any of Yoga Zeal's mats or towels.

Key Pieces: Yoga Zeal offers mats and towels that boast style and performance in one. Each combo mat from Yoga Zeal is made with an anti-slip rubber backing and a soft, sweat absorbing suede cloth top that acts as a towel. The combo mat was specially designed for hot yoga and can be used for any sweaty workout. Yoga Zeal's yoga towels offer a lightweight alternative that you can throw on your existing mat, giving you an anti-slip surface that absorbs sweat for any sweaty workout.

Why We Love Them: We love the inspiring graphics that Yoga Zeal puts on each of their mats and towels. Not only do Yoga Zeal mats and towels add colorful inspiriation to our practice, they also offer functionality giving us a non-slip surface for hot yoga, pilates, and any other sweaty workout. Yoga Zeal products are eco-friendly and made with biodegradable materials, ensuring our practice treads lightly on the earth. 


Yoga Zeal

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