Addicted to my Fitness Tracker (and I didn’t even know it)

Addicted to my Fitness Tracker (and I didn’t even know it)

I have had my Apple Watch for about 2 years now, and while I have enjoyed it and all of its capabilities, I didn’t realize I was addicted to it until this week.  

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So, why did I get one, you ask? Well, two years ago me was struggling to get motivated.  I was working full time, in school full time, and I was tired. It was really easy to make excuses to not exercise, but I was miserable and it turned into a vicious cycle.  The more out of shape I got, the more unhappy I was, but the less I wanted to go back to doing the activities that I loved.  

Something had to change! The hardest part is always getting started.  

Enter: Apple Watch.  

I am fairly susceptible to bribery, and have a tendency to bribe myself. A lot. (Like, I will only put laundry away if I know I have some dark chocolate to indulge in once the tedious task is complete) So I was able to justify a fancy, techy watch purchase as long as I used it to get myself back into shape.  

And It Worked.  

You also don’t know this about me, but I am very competitive.  So, I get home with my watch, set it all up, and see that I can set goals, make goals, and see my progress month to month and day by day. 

Not only did I start working out regularly (because closing my rings was NOT an option), but I started trying new things as well: Yoga Sculpt, Pilates, Kayaking, Spin, and I even started running. 

Never in my life have I had a desire to be a runner, btw, but getting to see the miles tracked, and the path that I took on my runs gave me a strange rush.  

In reality, it didn’t really matter what kind of activity I was doing because my bribe had worked.  I had more energy, my confidence was back up, and I was actually less tired because I was sleeping better.  
fitness tracker to help your workouts
It all came to a halt last week, after running in my first official 5k.  Hot and tired from such an early morning run I came home, jumped in my pool, and after about ten minutes realized I did not take my watch off.  I won’t get into the details but after that I pretty much did everything wrong that you could possibly do wrong after you have submerged your tech in water, and my watch was dead.  

I went into a panic! What was I going to do? Were my workouts even going to count anymore? My entire week was thrown into chaos. 

I was late for work, twice. I forgot my coffee in the mornings I don’t even know why, and everytime I looked down at the white tan line on my wrist, I was reminded that I didn’t know what time it was, where I was supposed to be, and will I ever want to work out again?! 

I was addicted to my watch, and I never saw it coming.  
addicted to apple watch
This week has been rough, but I made it to all my yoga classes, and even my daily runs (even though I wasn’t able to to check my heart rate after).  I did come to the realization that I don’t NEED my watch, and I AM capable of getting my workouts in without it. Also, while it is a nice, and probably necessary break for me, I am counting down the days before I can get it back.  

Reach out and let me know what motivates you to stay active in the comments below, I'd love to hear from you!

xo - Jenna


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