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  • Why Yoga Men Make Better Lovers

    Apr 29, 2015/ Comments (0)

    Three Reasons WHY Yoga Dudes make Better Lovers I think we can all finally come to the agreement th...
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  • Tadasana for Springtime

    Apr 26, 2015/ Comments (0)

    Gearing up for springtime: A yoga sequence to help you flow into spring As the clouds clear and the...
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  • How to Date a Yoga Girl

    Mar 20, 2015/ Comments (0)

    Three Ways to Win over her Heart Chakra If you have found yourself head over heels (quite literally) in downward facing dog ...
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  • Why I Quit my Job to Travel the World and Live Life in my Yoga Pants

    Mar 05, 2015/ Comments (0)

    I can still feel the pins and needles in my feet when I think about working agonizing 9 to 5 days in my swivel office chair ...
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  • NEW! Kat Shamens: Say "Meow" to Your New Favorite Yoga Pants

    Jan 22, 2015/ Comments (0)

    Marilyn Monroe said Diamonds are a girl's bestfriend. We have to admit, we have a bit of a soft spot for shiny things just l...
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  • Phat Buddha: Take Your Practice to the Edge

    Jan 22, 2015/ Comments (0)

    This Winter one of our favorite new collections comes to us from Phat Buddha. It is no wonder, with their cool new edgey roc...
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  • Evolve Fit Wear: A Day in the Life of Brixton The Kid

    Jan 15, 2015/ Comments (0)

    The only thing that could make working for Evolve Fit Wear even better is spending your days with the cutest Frenchie in yog...
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  • Alo Yoga: Arctic Goddess Leggings

    Jan 08, 2015/ Comments (0)

    The new Winter collection from Alo Yoga features a fantastic spin on their insanely popular, Goddess Leggings. Right now wit...
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