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Teeki makes yoga leggings, shorts, bellbottoms and crop tops with unique boho-style prints you'll have a hard time deciding from. They are lightweight and perfect for either a sweaty yoga sesh or out and about town on a hot afternoon day. Dress 'em up or dress 'em down they will be a signature piece you will wear on the regular. 

The Teeki Story

Teeki is a vision come true for the owner and designer Lindsay Hemric. A true lover of the earth and sustainability, Lindsay looked for a way to make her design ideas come to life through eco-friendly processes. 

In her search, she came upon a unique fabric made from water bottles that lent itself perfectly to the goal she was sought after.  Water bottles are polluting our oceans and landfills. There was a new process of taking these water bottles and breaking them down to rice-sized pieces, which in turn is spun into fabric. The output is a fabric that is thin, lightweight, soft to the touch and dries quickly (such as swimsuits). Lindsey loved the process of turning one mans trash into another yogis treasure so she started her line of making bikinis.   

She would live and travel all around the globe getting her inspiration for her one of a kind, unique prints. Teeki fans loved her boho-inspired prints and sustainable goal -. She looked toward making clothing that can be worn for yoga and everyday lifestyle. Lindsay grew her product offering -  making hot yoga leggings, bell bottoms, yoga shorts and crop tops to match. 

The demand grew very quickly and she loved being a designer, but wasn’t the best at running a business. She quickly felt like she got over her head in business & production and ended up stop making Teeki altogether to focus on being a mother. 

The demand never ceased, so in 2020 one of her employees asked Lindsey if she could continue producing Teeki and running the business-side of things.  That brings us to where we are today, offering the original Teeki prints and silhouettes that customers have loved for years. 

Teeki is part of our yoga clothing made in the usa with a commitment to sustainability, fair labor, safe practices, and providing jobs within our local communities.


Why We Love Teeki

Back in 2015 when we first heard of Teeki yoga clothes made from plastic water bottles - we were a little skeptical. "Plastic water bottle clothing?  That doesn't sound like you can move in it, and your legs will probably suffocate in a hot yoga class." 

We took the samples for a test at our local yoga studio and have never looked back. We were completely wowed by the fit, the feel and the unbeatable moisture-wicking performance. The fabric is very lightweight, extremely soft to the touch and is extremely comfortable for yoga. It dries quickly - like a thin swimsuit type of material- so its great for hot yoga clothing.  Teeki yoga clothes won our hearts over with their unique fit, imaginative prints and dedication to the earth.

Most Popular Teeki Products

What has put Teeki on the map is their yoga legging which is called the -  “Teeki Hot Pant”. It is their signature yoga legging that everyone loves to wear for hot yoga and more. They also have a gusset and inseam that is around 28” long. The unique patterns will be hard to choose from. 

The Teeki Bell Bottoms are a new customer favorite. They are a wide bell bottom flare that is perfect to wear throughout the day or night- out and about town. They are super long - around 33” inseam but that can be cut to your own length without unraveling. 

The Teeki Sun Short is a hot yoga favorite, as it has a 3” inseam and an excellent item worn for hot yoga or in water. It dries quickly so it even can be worn as a swim bottom.

All teeki items have flat-lock stitching is thin and flexible so their leggings are easy to move in.  All of the Teeki bottoms have a 3” waistband that is extremely flattering for the tush, by giving you that “lifted” effect. 

Teeki Sizing 

Customers say that Teeki yoga pants and leggings run true to size. They have medium compression so get your typical size you would wear in other activewear brands.

We actually wrote a blog about Teeki sizing so click here to read about it.  One thing to also note, is that the fabric is very thin so put the leggings on like you would a pair of pantyhose- pulling the fabric up more above the knee and booty area. That way it allocates the fabric evenly. 

The Teeki fabric stretches to fit your shape and recovers in the wash without ever losing its shape or getting "baggy knee" syndrome. If you have slimmer hips and/or waistline we recommend sizing down since the waistband is elastic-free and needs a tight fit to stay in place. Make sure to wash your Teeki yoga clothing in cool water and lay flat to dry. Heat will destroy the “stretchiness” in the fabric causing them to lose their elasticity over time.