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The number of joggers we have in our closet is definitely greater than the number of runs we go on per week but who’s counting?! You’ll want to do more than exercise in our collection of stylish sweats. 

Comfy & Cozy

Comfy joggers and sweatpants are an at-home staple item. After a long day at work, nothing feels as great as taking off your jeans and hopping into a comfy pair of sweatpants. Joggers are very similar to sweatpants but have a bit more of a polished look to them so if you want to wear your sweatpants out and about, joggers are a great way to go. 

Colors & Prints

Joggers and sweatpants always staple colors like grey and black that can be worn with anything. Some brands like Emily Hsu and Spiritual Gangster release prints like camo, leopard and floral prints depending on the season. These sell quickly and aren’t typically restocked so if you find a print you like get ‘em while you can!

Tight & Loose

Tight fitting joggers are more tapered in the knee/ calf area and have less bulk around the hips and thigh area. Loose fitting joggers are oversized and have extra fabric for more of a boho drapey comfy feel. You can dress up tight fitting joggers easily with a t-shirt and jean jacket and no one would think that you just came from your couch.

Sweatpants vs. Joggers

Sweatpants traditionally are more of a loose fitting style made from a terry-like cotton fabric. Sweatpants are what you reach for after a long day when you are ready for a Netflix night.  Joggers are more of a tighter fit that is flattering and functional for errands, walks, hikes and more. Tight fitting joggers are made from a thinner fabric that allows for some stretch for many activities.

Fit & Size

We’ve carefully curated a wide collection of brands whose pieces we know you’ll love as much as we do. Because of the variety we offer, sizing will differ across brands. To make sure you get the right fit we recommend using the sizing guide located next to the sizing buttons. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us for advice. We love the brands we carry and have worn them all. We are happy to share our thoughts on the fit of any given product.

Our Featured Brands

Spiritual Gangster consistently makes customer favorites like the "Perfect Sweatpant"  has been an ongoing customer favorite for years.  Its made from a vintage wash fabric that feels like that sweatshirt you have had in your closet for 20 years. Worn in and perfect. Spiritual Gangster also makes the Varsity Old School Sweatshirt if you want to have a complete set. 

The Vuori Jogger is a must have for training, traveling, lounging and more.Their Performance Jogger is made from a thin, lightweight material that is flattering as much as it is functional. The drawstring waistband sits at a perfect mid-level rise and you can pair with either a sporty crop top or looser-fitting tee. 

KiraGrace is another customer favorite that is flattering and designed to be worn out of the house for a comfy yet polished look. All of the KiraGrace pants have matching tanks to match for a complete set. Made in the USA from premium cozy fabrics.