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Yoga Bra

Our collection of bras made specifically for yoga are made to move through your practice and inversion. Typically a mid-support these bras will be made from soft materials like cotton or bamboo for yin yoga or a quick dry fabric for hot yoga. 

Sexy Sports Bra

Whether its a racerback or strappy back that flatters your figure we got you covered. These sexy sports bras lift and hug in just the right areas and perfect to wear under a loose fitting tank top for a cute summery ensemble. Look for the bras from Michi, Koral or Heroine Sport.

Thin Strap Sports Bra

Sometimes you want to keep it minimal with just a few delicate straps for a low-impact activity. Since there is not a lot of support in these type of bras, look for adjustable straps so you can still get the support you need without too many straps in the way! Look at the bras from Liquido or the Chic bra from Onzie. 

Workout Bras

Our collection of workout bras are made with extra support for high-impact activities such as HIIT, weight lifting, cycling and more. These bras will be the most snug fit as you dont want to worry about any bounce with your movement.  Any of the bras from Handful, Beyond Yoga or Glyder will give you excellent support for any workout. 

Colorful Sports Bra

Sometimes you need to break away from the basic black sports bra and add a little color to your practice. Many of our brands have beautiful prints and colors to light up your workout.  Look for the printed bras from Yoga Democracy or bright bras from Handful.  For some mermaid shine, look at the brand Emily Hsu Designs. 

Crop Top Sports Bra

Can't decide between a tank top or a sports bra? A crop top bra is the answer. Offering a little extra coverage but still keeping it minimal. Perfect for a any yoga or workout and even part of a summertime outfit. Look at Yoga Democracy, Beyond Yoga or Onzie for cute crop top bras. 

Adjustable Sports Bra

Adjustable straps are great because you can create a fit perfect to your shape. Many of the brands we carry do have adjustable straps, so keep a lookout in the title and icon on the product page signifying the straps can be adjusted. 

Our Featured Brands

We sell many different brands of sports bras / yoga bras depending on the purpose. Most all are made in the usa and will be signified by an icon next to the product photo. Some of our top selling brands of sports bras are from Handful, Koral, Beyond Yoga, Onzie and Glyder. Some soft, organic cotton bras will be from HardTail, Green Apple or Hyde. For unique printed sports bras and crop tops take a peek at Yoga Democracy (plus they have matching bottoms too)! For shiny sports bras look at Koral or Heroine Sport. 

Sports Bra F.A.Q's

How Are Sports Bras Suppose to Fit & Are They Suppose to be Tight?

Sports bras should fit dependent on the activity you are wearing them. For the different types of workouts, see our categories above and the brands to look for.  For high intensity workouts you will want a high-impact sports bra that will keep everything snug. But sometimes you are doing a light yoga or workout and just want freedom of movement with just a simple shelf bra - these would be a low-impact sports bra. As far as "tightness" you want a snug fit without feeling any straps digging in or tightness when breathing/ moving around. 

How Do You Wash Sports Bras?

Glad you asked! It is important to wash/ dry your sports bras properly so they dont lose their elasticity and they keep their shape for many years to come. If you are investing in a good sports bra, you want to keep its integrity and support. All sports bras should be washed in either cool or warm water and lay flat to dry. High heat will damage the stretchy fibers that give the sports bra the support you need. 

What Else Do I Need to Know About Our Yoga Sports Bras?

Comfort 101: Having the proper support can make or break your workout. The right sports bra will have you feeling confident, sexy and strong while wearing an ill fitting or worn out bra can ruin your activity - and your mood! That’s why we feature a large assortment for a variety of bust sizes, support levels, and activity types. And not only do we have your perfect fit, but we pride ourselves on bringing you the best assortment of strappy, colorful and printed sports bras. Your girls deserve the absolute best when it comes to comfort and care. Show them some love with our range of women’s sports bras and tops.

Best In Show: When your sports bra has the coolest print, most gorgeous color or sexiest strappy design, it’s meant to be seen! Our sports bras and tops feature a variety of eye-catching prints, patterns and colors that you’ll love showing off. Searching for a look that's flattering and functional? Our diverse assortment of strappy sports bras highlight your back muscles while providing excellent support. Not the type to head to class in just a workout bra? Shop our extensive selection of workout tanks, tees and pullovers with perfectly placed cut-outs that show cute glimpses of your sports bra and all work together for an attention grabbing layered look.

Great For Hot Yoga: Take your hot yoga clothing to the next level with our collection of high performance sports bras featuring quick-drying fabric and all day comfort. Whether you’re breaking a sweat during a high-intensity workout or diving into the lake for an impromptu swim, our moisture-wicking sports bras and tops dry within minutes so you can feel comfortable and confident no matter how hard you sweat. Fan favorite, Onzie is your one stop shop for the biggest selection of printed bras for hot yoga, swim, SUP and more. Shop Climawear for their impressive selection of seamless designs in a variety of styles.

A Cup Style: Not worried about support? We feature a range of super cozy cotton basics from brands like HardTail, Beyond Yoga, Spiritual Gangster and LVR Fashion. These brands focus on you feeling your best so their bras don’t dig in, pinch or squeeze anywhere. And with luxuriously soft fabrics like modal organic clothing you get all day comfort. Imagine getting home and not taking your bra off because it’s that comfortable! Looking for a little performance stretch? Onzie offers moisture-wicking styles that are perfect for smaller busts!

Full-Figured Busts: Looking for a sports bra that will keep the bounce in check? Shop brands like Good Hyouman, Emily Hsu Designs, Handful Bras, and Amari Active for high-impact sports bras and tops. These brands feature designs that keep everything in place and looking amazing! Their bras are constructed on thicker fabric in a full range of sizes so you get maximum support in a fit that feels incredible. So whether you’re headed to a high intensity gym session, beginner’s yoga class or walk in the park, we’ve got the support you're looking for.

Your Perfect Fit: We’ve carefully curated a wide collection of brands whose pieces we know you’ll love as much as we do. Because of the variety we offer, sizing will differ across brands. To make sure you get the right fit we recommend using the sizing guide located on each product page. After that, if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to us for advice. We love the brands we carry and have worn them all. We are happy to share our thoughts on the fit of any given product.      


✭✭✭✭✭  "The Onzie Chic Bra is my favorite! I was thrilled to find other colors on this sight, so I ordered two more and will be ordering the pink one when back in stock!" - Laurie, H.

✭✭✭✭✭ "Found the Beyond Yoga Lift & Support bra I was looking for, I had seen it at one my local yoga studios but got 15% and free shipping here!" Addison, P.

✭✭✭✭✭ I have about 4 Handful Bras and can never have enough. Their prints are super cute and they hold my ladies in place even thru about what seems to be a million jumping jacks and squats! Totally the best! - Paige, B

✭✭✭✭✭ I love the HardTail bras they are so comfortable I wear them to work under just sweaters and average shirts too. Soft organic cotton and you forget you're wearing a bra at all! - Tina M.

✭✭✭✭✭ “My favorite bras are from here! I love all the bright colors and different kinds of styles they have!” - Rachel H.

✭✭✭✭✭ "I was suprised to see that Spiritual Gangster was making bras now, I love their tank tops and their bras are super comfortable and always have something cute to say on them. Run a tad small, I wear a Medium when Im typically a small in other bras." - Amelia I.