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Fabric of the Future: Here at Evolve Fit Wear we are super excited to be able to bring you organic activewear that helps reduce our impact on our favorite planet! Yoga clothing made from eco-friendly material is comfortable, super soft and is typically designed with a relaxed fit which is so perfect for low impact activities like yoga (hello yin!), walking, tai chi and more! It also makes for great travel wear and chic lifestyle apparel. 

What brands are made using organic cotton? This is one of our most common requests from new customers. Hyde Yoga, Hardtail and LVR  are three of our most popular brands that are made in the USA and from organic cotton. 

One new innovation that we are so stoked about is the use of recycled fabric! Some brands are now able to turn recycled plastic water bottles into your on-trend, comfortable, high performance activewear! How cool is that?! With this method not only do you get an amazing product, but this reduces the amount of plastic being dumped into our landfills and oceans. Niyama Sol, Yoga Democracy, and Colorado Threads are a few of the brands that have begun manufacturing this way. 

Skin Savers: Your skin deserves the softest and safest material out there! Give your skin the luxury it craves by shopping our collection of organic clothing featuring certified organic fabrics, recycled polyester and P.E.T. Our selection features brands that manufacture with buttery soft, organic materials like bamboo, combed cotton, french terry and more! Yoga clothing is already pretty comfortable but brands like Hyde Yoga, Green Apple and LVR Fashion have taken it beyond comfort with their ultra-soft fabrics that boast breathable, lightweight comfort in a variety of relaxed fit designs. And these styles aren’t just meant for your mat! With all that comfort you’ll want to wear these organic clothes all day long! Do yourself and your skin a favor and check out our collection of  womens activewear using organic materials. 

You Can Make A Difference: Environmental issues may seem complex and overwhelming but you can make a positive impact on our planet just by making little changes to your everyday life. On average a legging that’s made from recycled plastic water bottle will keep 25 bottles out of our oceans and landfills. So your purchase makes a difference! When you support brands that are out to save our environment you too are helping our planet and reducing our impact on this earth. Check out brands like Teeki, Niyama Sol and Yoga Democracy for activewear that features recycled P.E.T. Recycled P.E.T is a high performance fabric that gives that second-skin feel that we all love! It dries incredibly fast making it perfect for hot yoga and sweaty gym sessions!


Find Your Fit: Looking for your perfect organic yoga pant to relax in? Or maybe a high performance legging for your next work out? No matter what you’re looking for our expertly curated collection of organic yoga clothing has the perfect eco-friendly solution. If you have any questions about the styles you see regarding their fit or function get in touch! We love hearing from you guys and our dedicated customer service team is happy to provide answers to any of your questions!


✭✭✭✭✭ “It’s really important to me that the products I buy and clothing I wear isn’t making a negative impact on the planet so I was so happy to see that Evolve has an organic clothing section! I was able to find a pair of yoga pants that are in line with my values and preferences. Thanks Evolve!” - Sara G.

✭✭✭✭✭  “GREAT QUALITY - love my hardtail leggings. Definitely recommend.” - Ginny H.

✭✭✭✭✭ “I love my new Niyama Sol leggings! The print is perfect and they are SO soft.” - Yolanda T.

✭✭✭✭✭ “My mom and I both swear by Green Apple. The quality can not be beat and they are the most comfortable yoga pants I’ve ever worn! I like the fitted flare, mom likes the more natural fit one. We both have several pairs I just wish they had more colors!.” - Mary V.

✭✭✭✭✭ “My Yoga Democracy leggings are PERFECT for hot yoga, I didn’t feel all gross and sweaty after and I actually went to lunch before going home. That would have never happened in my other leggings.” - Eva G.

✭✭✭✭✭ “The shipping was really fast even though I put the wrong address in at first and had to call their customer service to fix it. The girl was really nice and helpful and my stuff still shipped out that day! I love the leggings and two tops I got. Super comfy and cute.” - Mallory M.


✭✭✭✭✭ “Ordered a pair of HardTail yoga pants for my wife for her birthday. She likes this company a lot. Check out process was a breeze. Will definitely order again.” - Tom J.

✭✭✭✭✭ “I really like all the brands they carry especially the organic ones. I’m trying to be more eco-conscious when it comes to shopping and their organic section has a ton of cute stuff! I got a pair of leggings for me and a hoodie for my bf!” - Jill K.


✭✭✭✭✭ “There prices are always the best and shipping is fast. Perfect for getting stuff that not everyone has.” - Dailia R.